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How to Make Giant 3D Watercolor Flowers with Paper Plates


Create 3D watercolor flowers using paper plates with a few things you likely have at home right now. Find out how to cut and paint giant flowers for a fun and relaxing watercolor art activity for kids.

Watercolor Art Activities for Kids - Giant Paper Plate Flowers

Today I wanted to show you how to make 3D watercolor flowers using paper plates. We saw a version of this watercolor art activity over at Pink Stripey Socks and couldn’t wait to try it ourselves (and give it a new twist).

Paper plates are easy to turn into flowers, mandala suncatchers, mini baskets and bowls, masks, or even paper spirals that twirl in the wind!

In general, I like using uncoated paper plates for painting because they’re basically sturdy cardstock. And paper plates are cheap and easy to find (an added bonus!).

Here’s how we made our 3D watercolor flowers…

Watercolor Art Activities for Kids - Giant Paper Plate Flowers

How to Make 3D Watercolor Flowers



  1. Cut out flower petal shapes.

    Begin by cutting multiple flower shapes from paper plates in decreasing sizes.

  2. Staple or glue petals together.

    Next, staple or glue them together in the center.

  3. Paint with watercolors.

    Now paint the flower petals & stems with watercolor paint.

  4. Add additional decorations!

    Finally, if you like, embellish your flowers with additional drawings before or after painting them. We used chalk markers over the dried paint, which created a lovely effect.

Watercolor Art Activities for Kids - Giant Paper Plate Flowers

Finally, I hope you try this watercolor activity with your kids. And if you do, you can tag #theartfulparent on Instagram as I really like seeing your family’s arts & crafts projects!

If you’re looking for more awesome watercolor activities for kids, try 12 Awesome Watercolor Art Activities for Kids. And don’t forget to snag the FREE printable guide as well!

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