Toddler-friendly studio in progress…

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We've lowered the studio table to toddler height again. Or, that is, Harry lowered it for me. So the toddler art group was able to use the studio for the first time yesterday. Yay! I still have some rearranging to do to make the studio completely toddler friendly. A few of the paints still need to be moved higher up, for one thing. I want Maia to be able to reach them, but don't want any one year olds getting into them.

Now that I've lowered this table, I plan to bring in another table for Maia and retire my sewing corner for the time being.

I'll keep you posted on the studio changes!

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  1. lj says

    hi jean! very exciting. I just started a toddler group for my 2nd daughter (14 months) as well. How long is your toddler art table? And where did you get it? We are in a tiny nyc apt and have an ikea little table my 4 year old uses all the time but when the younger kids get on it they basically rip up each other’s paper (since they are so close together). But when we paint on the floor it is fun but a different, more full body painting session and it makes doing anything aside from painting difficult. Also, what do you do when the toddlers…toddle off? Do you keep bringing them back to the table? Thank you so much again for such an awesome blog!wondering if there are foldable smaller tables.

  2. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art author says

    This feels like the slow colorful burn leading up to an artful explosion of fun!!!

  3. Charo says

    Hi, Jean!
    My name’s Charo, I’m a professor in Spain and I’m training future educators who will teach 0 to 3 years old children. I know your blog and your fantastic artful pathway for the early years childhood.
    Day after day, I read your posts and I think your blog will light my students about the posibilities of art and toddlers (in the same way MaryAnn F. Kohl’s advices and books, she is great!). So please,…
    Could I link your blog to mine with educational goals?
    Thank you

  4. says

    As for foldable smaller tables, I imagine there are some out there. Maybe someone else has some ideas?
    The toddlers stay at the table pretty well — better than when working on the floor — but also we do bring them back to the table when they wander off. The studio has a door, which helps to keep paint-covered toddlers from wandering around the house. But also, if a child seems finished, the parent will take him to the bathroom sink to wash up and segue into some play time in the rest of the house while the other toddlers finish their painting/art.
    Good luck finding a solution that fits your space! Let me know if you have any other questions that I might be able to help with.

  5. says

    In response to ljs comment, as far as toddling goes, you could have one or two more “stations” for the kids to move to so they get the sense of toddling- like an easel, sensory bin, or side table with different art materials. Then when they toddle, they have a few choices of where to go. Even in a small apartment, you could have a bin on the floor or folding easel. Hope that helps!

  6. says

    Thank you for this link. We are just putting together an art studio and this is exactly the kind of table we had imagined for growing children.

  7. lj says

    Jean! you are the best for always answering so thoroughly and quickly! Our apt is small so I’ll have to track down some kind of foldable option for the 14 month olds. It impossible to contain them because alas, there are no doors in our apt! But we are getting there. Thank you thank you. Off to make the thankful garland– beautiful!