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21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork

by Jean Van't Hul
March 10, 2014

Try these great ways to display kids artwork that honor their creativity, look good in your home, and are easy to switch out regularly with new artwork.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork
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As parents, we are always looking for ways to display kids artwork. You know, that mountain of creativity they draw, paint, collage at home and school.

Their artwork deserves a special display, but can often end up in a pile despite good intentions. I’m speaking for myself here, but from what I hear, I’m not the only one.

Want to transform that stack of original kid creations into a display that honors their artwork and looks good in your home? Oh, and is easy to switch out as your children create new art or their art style develops and changes?

In this post I’ll share lots of ways to display kids artwork. Some are ones we use or have used and others are ideas I’ve admired.  They all fit as many of the above criteria as possible.

Especially the bit about being easy to switch out artwork as your children continue to create and to grow.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork

Kids Art Frames that make it easy to display and change Childrens Art

1. Display and Store Kids Artworks

Use kids art frames that combine a professional-looking frame with easy storage.  Each of these frames doubles as storage for additional pieces of your children’s artwork.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - poster art

2. Kids Art Poster

Have Itsy Art turn your favorite kids art pieces into a poster. We were all pleased with how the posters turned out and the kids loved seeing their artwork displayed this way.

 21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Display wall with repurposed frames & corkboard

3. Display Art in Thrifted Frames

This is our own kids art display wall, made out of thrifted frames with the glass and backing removed. We’re still loving it, and I’ve shared a couple posts on What’s on the Kids Art Display Wall This Month showing how the artwork displayed has been changing.

Ways to Display Kids Art - corkboard frames

4. Cork Board Frames

Instead of removing the backs, you could simply replace the glass in a set of frames with cork from a roll of cork board as Lisa did from Grey Luster Girl. Now she has a bulletin board display wall for her kids art and can easily pin up new artworks anytime.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Matching Frames

5. Matching Frames for a Cohesive Look

Use inexpensive frames to easily switch out the artwork and change what is displayed.  Anna from The Imagination Tree did this with her children’s art gallery. She used matching white IKEA frames in a variety of sizes for a cohesive look. I LOVE that colorful cardboard “Create” sign she and her kids made!

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Hang them on a display wire!

6. Hanging Display Wire 

Use an IKEA wire curtain rod system to display the art, like Danielle on The Style Files.  Or simply clip the artwork to a wire stretched between a couple of hook-eye screws as Kelli from Random Thoughts of a Super Mom did. So easy!

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Art ledges and magnetic frames

7. Stylish Floating Wall Shelves

Use ledges or floating wall shelves for a kids art display area. It’s easy to change out the artwork as Kate of Centsational Girl did. You can simply prop up painted canvases, framed art pieces, and 3-D art. Try layering and moving them around as much as you like without putting unsightly holes in the walls.

8. Magnetic Picture Frame Display

Give your fridge art display a makeover with DiY magnetic picture frames as Alysha shared on How Does She? Totally trying this soon!

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Hang art with a decorated pants hanger!

9. Display Kids Art on Hangers

Use pants hangers to display kids artwork. How simple is that?! The Honest Company blog shares fun ideas for letting the kids decorate and personalize them first.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - kids art book

10. Make a Kids Art Book

Melissa from The Artful Parent created a book with her kids’ artwork with PlumPrint and now it’s a prized possession in their house!

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Artkive App to Photo Book

11. ArtKive

Use the ArtKive app to photograph your children’s artwork from your smartphone and tag it with names, dates, and descriptions. You can print a book of selected artworks with practically just the push of a button! Sounds like the busy mom’s solution to that book we all intend to create but don’t get around to doing.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Clipboards for kids art

12. Clipboard Art Display

Group clipboards together as an art display area on the wall. It will make changing out the art super quick and easy as Jenn does at Clean and Scentsible. Or make your own display clipboards as Liz did at Love Grows Wild.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - two DIY frame art walls

13. DIY Frame Wallpaper

Make some DiY frame wallpaper where you want your children’s art display, and let your kids draw, paint, and collage their art directly onto the wallpaper.

14. Painted wall frames

Paint fun and colorful frames directly on the wall as Christie from Childhood 101 did.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Frame Wall Decals

15. Wall decal & sticker frames

Or use removable wall decals if you want something less permanent. These colorful frame wall stickers are fun!

16. Kids-Only Art Display Area or Mix Artwork Throughout Home

Have a kids art-only display area OR mix their art in with the other artwork you have hanging around the house.

17. Digital Frame

Or, how about a digital frame with a changing display of your children’s artworks? I wouldn’t have thought of this one myself, but a reader says she does and loves it.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - make into canvas or have an art show

18. Canvas Art Display

Transfer your child’s artwork to canvas.

19. Local Art Gallery

Do you belong to a kids play group, children’s art group, or preschool? Consider having an art show at a local coffeeshop, bakery, or ice cream shop for a period.

When you approach the owner/manager with your idea, make sure to mention that you can have a low-key reception for the young artists and their families. This translates to lots of people buying their muffins or ice cream cones! And the kids’ families will likely continue to visit throughout the month to see their art on display and share it with their friends and neighbors.

21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork - Chalkboard gallery and hanging display wire

20. Chalkboard Wall Art Gallery

Turn a chalkboard wall into a kids art gallery as shown on The Artful Kids blog.

21. Vertical Hanging Artwork Display

Or, do as the folks at The Artful Kids blog did next and create a space-saving vertical display with hanging wires.

Which idea for ways to display kids artwork is your favorite?

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Try these great ways to display kids artwork that honor their creativity, look good in your home, and are easy to switch out regularly with new artwork. #kidsart #frames #parenting #arteducation #artsandcrafts

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