Blowing out Easter eggs with Grandma

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Blowing Out Easter Eggs with Kids

We’ve been wanting to decorate Easter eggs, but it’s really too early to start using hard-boiled eggs. So we blew out some eggs.

This is something my mom and I both remember from our childhoods.

You end up with empty egg shells that can be decorated and saved for as long as you like. Or at least as long as they don’t get dropped on the floor or the toddler tries to eat them. (Can you tell we’ve had a few casualties already?)

Here’s how to do it…

Blowing Out Easter Eggs

Blowing Out Easter Eggs

First we poked holes at the top and bottom of the eggs with pins. The pin holes are teeny tiny, so we used a small nail to enlarge the holes enough to blow out the egg. We made the bottom hole a little bigger than the top hole.

My mom is the master of doing this perfectly. Me? Not so much.

Blowing Out Easter Eggs with Kids

Then we put our mouths over the top hole and blew.

And blew.

Blowing Out Easter Eggs with Kids


And blew. Whew! Blowing out Easter eggs is hard work!

Blowing Out Easter Eggs with Kids


I was surprised at how well Maia did though. She held her own.

After blowing out all the eggs, we washed them with soap and water and set them aside to dry.

Tomorrow I’ll share how we decorated the eggs…

Update :: We used our blown out eggs to make these beautiful collage Easter eggs and then hung them from our new Easter egg tree.

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Blowing Out Easter Eggs with Kids

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  1. Kate says

    when washing with soap and water, do you just rinse or soak… we’re trying this, this week! thanks for keeping us busy on these yucky rainy days

  2. Nicole says

    You can also soak them in vinegar and water to clean them – gets everything on the inside out!