Leaf Rubbings and Watercolor Resist

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Leaf Rubbings and Watercolor Resist

Leaf rubbings plus liquid watercolors (like this and this) made with a friend


Homemade bubble solution from Sharon Lovejoy's Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars (we added liquid watercolors for colorful bubbles)


Alas, the bubbles were clear, but it was fun anyway!

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  1. Gita Suchland says

    I’m loving your creativity and the projects that you have posted. Can’t wait to do some with my kids this summer. You use a lot of tempera paint with your projects. I’m curious to know what is the difference/advantage of using tempera paint vs acrylic. Thanks.

  2. says

    We tried the crayola colored bubbles and while the bubbles are certainly colorful, they also don’t stay long at all. :(