Goop Recipe for Kids

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Goop Recipe for Kids

Possibly the best toddler art group ever was hosted by Iver (above) and her mom earlier this month.

They made goop which feels solid to the touch, but will pour through your fingers.

Here’s the Goop Recipe for Kids ::

MIX :: 2 cups cornstarch with 1 cup water

Yes, it’s really that easy!


The goop is lots of fun to explore (for both kids and adults)!


The kids added food coloring…


…and mixed and played…


…with hands and tools.


Here it was dribbled to create a goop drawing on the driveway.

Feelie Goop with the Toddler Art Group

This was a great outdoor activity combined with chalk drawing and water play. The toddlers and a five-year-old sibling tag-along had so much fun—it was easily the best toddler art group in a long time!

Feelie Goop is one of the activities from MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos. It’s also actually the very first one I tried from the book with a one-year-old Maia and a neighbor’s toddler, so it brings back good memories and simultaneously reminds me of how far we’ve come (and all the art we’ve done over the years!).

The goop recipe for kids is also one of the easiest art + science experiment recipes out there and uses materials we always have on hand (cornstarch and food coloring) so is easy and quick to do anytime.

Looking for more artful science experiments? Here’s a collection of more than 11 great kids science experiments!

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Fun with Feelie Goop for Toddlers and Kids

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  1. halley's mommy says

    Oh! This is not meant to be cooked? I just made it but cooked it on the stove, thinking this is how you thickened it… It made more of a playdough consistency. :p

  2. says

    No, this isn’t meant to be cooked. But there are other doughs with similar ingredients (such as “rubbery flubbery dough”) that are meant to be cooked. Perhaps you made one of those?

  3. says

    This is still a favorite around here, even with my 9 and 12 year old boys. It was their choice of activity for the first day of summer break, and they were inspired to do it on a grand scale (we used 10 boxes of cornstarch and a large bin that they could walk and sit in). They were inspired by this
    And you can see some fun pictures on my ART IN HAND facebook page of how crazy they got with it…full body experience! My 12 year old just walked in the room and told me (again!) that I HAVE to do this more with my toddler classes! :)

  4. says

    We did this the other day and used paintbrushes on the driveway. It was SO much fun that the kids asked to play with cornstarch again the next day – to the point of using it all up! I love how you used it with the toddlers as a group project and let them choose the colors. :)

  5. Amy says

    We didn’t make it- but we also tried walking on goop at a space themed event- very cool stuff- i definitely want to try making a large batch at home!

  6. Gaby says

    It’s amazing how something as simple as this can be stretched out to interest a variety of age groups. I saw a science teacher at a Montessori high school use this experiment to talk about solid and liquid. It was fascinating.

  7. Angie says

    Hi, a quick reply to Anna:
    No, it doesn’t stain the concrete. But it does make your hands very colorful until a long bathtub soak takes it all off.