Kids Art Space Design Service by The Art Pantry

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Kids Art Space DesignDo you have a kids art space?

Does it perfectly meet the needs of your children and family?

If the answer to either is no, there’s an art space wonder woman at the ready to help you out.

Her name?

Megan Schiller.

Her fame?

Owner of The Art Pantry (one of The Artful Parent‘s blog sponsors) and former teacher of the kids art classes at The Littlest Birds Studio.

Megan knows her way around kid-friendly art materials, kids art spaces, the challenges faced by families with varied space constraints as well as sibling accessibility issues. And she knows how to work with all those factors to shape a kids art space that will encourage creativity and productivity.

If you’re in need of her services, you can hire her to help put together a personalized kids art space design for you. The rates vary depending on the size space you’re working with:

1. The Nook – $125 – for small corners, closets & awkward niches

2. The Demi – $250 – for half-room medium sized art spaces

3. The Studio – $500 – for full-room art spaces

Megan is also giving away a kids art space design to one lucky reader (up to $500 worth of her design services!). To enter see the giveaway details below…

Art Pantry Design Services

Kids Art Space Design Service Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter for a chance to win a kids art space e-design by Megan Schiller of The Art Pantry, leave a comment to this post below and then come back up and tell the Rafflecopter widget that you did so and would like to be entered in the giveaway. That’s it! This giveaway is open to readers everywhere. The winner can choose any size e-design service, depending on the winner’s space.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

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    • Lindsay says

      Awesome ideas that inspire creativity!
      I would love to incorporate these ideas in my grade 1 classroom.

    • Robbyn Smith says

      Exactly what we need! Just sold our home & downsized — looking to set up an artful space for my daughter in a nook in the new living room. Thank you for the great information! Would be wonderful to win!

  1. Tara Courtney-Naum says

    Wow!!! I would love to make a special space for my kids to do artwork!!! I need to find a spot in my house & make this happen! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  2. Angela H says

    I love these spaces! It would be amazing for my daughter or for the art therapy area of our counseling center.

  3. Kim B says

    We don’t have a full room to design right now, but definitely could use help with our awkward nook space.

  4. Cherie Ramsey says

    I have 3 daughters, 8,9, and 11, that love doing crafts. We are trying to transform their playroom into an art space. They would do a craft everyday if they could.

  5. Sara Wade says

    I need this for 3 & 5 yr old. I have been trying to figure out what to do and this inspires me!

  6. mary says

    I love the designs! My boys would be thrilled with such easy access…now it’s all kind of a bundle!

  7. Deanne says

    Oh my goodness! We would love help setting up our studio space! What a fantastic giveaway.

  8. Jenifer says

    I need an art space that accommodates a 9 1/2 year old and a 3 year old. It can be tricky!

  9. Jodie Tompkins says

    I would love this. Art therapy opened alot in my son with ASD. It stimulates his senses, his creativity, and gives him emmense pride in his creations. We have a small set up with pantry racks and shoelaces with clothespins going on but he would absolutely love this! So would our 2 year old, quite the artist that one!

  10. Kim says

    I would love to win this for my daughter. Her father and I are getting a divorce and we are moving into our new place this weekend. She would love having such a great art area in the new home.

  11. says

    I totally need help setting up an art space for my son (4-years-old)! We do a lot of stuff our doors in the spring summer and fall, but, on rainy days or in the winter (um Hello? Christmas is the biggest crafting season for us!) there just isn’t a good spot set up for free crafting (non mommy-led stuff). Would LOVE to win! THANKS FOR SHARING JEAN! :D

  12. Sarah says

    This would be so much fun! Thinking of teaching my Art class at home if/when we get our new house!

  13. Elizabeth Horton says

    I have a space the could definitely use some help! It’s a work in progress.

  14. Angela Hedican says

    We have the perfect spot for this…I homeschool our three kids (8, 10, and 13) and now have our bonus baby, now age 1, with Down syndrome. So we need a versatile space that has flexibility to adapt and change, especially as littlest one grows.

  15. Amanda C says

    WOW! This may be the best giveaway ever! We have an open kitchen, dining room, living room and that is where we do all of our homeschooling and art. Would love her expertise to find ways to have all of our art supplies out and inviting. My daughters have ready access to most of their art materials but they are tucked away in bins or behind doors that doesn’t really promote creativity. Plus from the samples above the art supplies themselves look like art!

  16. K says

    This is interesting!! I would love ideas on how to make an art area in my cramped home/daycare.

  17. Jenny says

    This would be so great for our family! I have six children 8 and under. We just turned a main room in our house to a learning/ art room. And I’d love help on how to make it kid friendly! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great space.

  18. says

    I love all these art spaces. I run a in-home daycare and would love to get an actual art space set up for the children!!

  19. MamaB says

    Art is a great way to stimulate the minds of kids and bring out creativity. I hope T will get to enjoy this :D

  20. sylvia says

    we have started an art area but i can think of a non profit center that i would gift this 2 if i won. :)

  21. Amanda K says

    I would love to win this for my kids. We are a homeschooling family and this would be a nice addition. :) thanks for all the fun ideas that you post all the time. Love your blog.

  22. michelle says

    we would love a well designed dedicated art space in our house! oh my goodness…what a wonderful opportunity. thank you!

  23. says

    These are beautiful! The other day, we made a ham-and-cheese sandwich collage using green construction paper for the cheese…because I hadn’t realized we had run out of yellow. But, you know, creativity! (It would be great to have a space where we can actually see our supplies!)

  24. Jackie says

    Feverishly planning an art space for our new home…this would be fabulous to win!!!

  25. Tricia C. says

    These are great! Our home is tiny and we are all artists! We would love help creating a special art place so we can utilize our creativity more easily and more often.

  26. Liz Mayfield says

    My three year old and seven year old artists would love to have their own art space!!

  27. CJME says

    Oh wow what great detail for kids design! I have art areas throughout the house but would LOVE (as would our daughter) a nice place setup just for her arts and crafts!

  28. Susannah Marais says

    This looks amazing! We have a constantly evolving art space (or two) in our house. But what I’d really love is some amazing advice for my pre-k classroom! I’m moving onto a new room in the fall and would love to make an open, inviting art space for my kids!

  29. Megan says

    My twin boys would love a new art space. We use a variety of areas in our home but one space would be great:-)

  30. Alyse Cherry says

    What awesome ideas. This could be great in a kinder room or in an art space for my daughter.

  31. Kim says

    Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway. My twin boys are 4 and keeping their art supplies organized is a constant struggle. I’m good at encouraging art but not at organizing the space for it!

  32. auschick says

    That would be so awesome! I just feel like i don’t have time to fully organize her art space.

  33. Rachelle Camargo says

    I have a 3 1/2 year-old and a newborn. This would be perfect! I could really use some organizing tips!

  34. Emily Holzknecht says

    I have made many attempts at children’s art spaces in the house, but I haven’t really invested properly in the bones. A proper space would make it so much easier for me and my two children (ages 3.5 and 12mo) to access materials many times throughout the day

  35. Erin Coffey says

    Oh man! My children would be over the moon! What a wonderful gift , sharing art with the world.

  36. Amy F. says

    We have a craft room that is in a constant state of chaos because we don’t have functional storage for everything. I would really love to see the space work the way it was meant to be, as a working craft room, instead of a room where I’m constantly searching for things in piles.

  37. says

    My 6yo has asked me to teach her to draw this summer–so I’m adapting lessons from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Her sisters (ages 8 & 11) also want to have more freedom painting, crafting and refinishing furniture. I need help organizing materials (& schedules!) especially since my youngest is 3, and another daughter is due in August!

  38. Ally Cohen says

    This is a great resource to share. I love seeing the pictures, very inspirational!

  39. Runa Bianchi says

    How fabulous! My two little artists (and I) would love a re-vamped art space!!!

  40. Hannah Lowrance says

    Big empty basement seeks fun art space for three crazy creative kids!

  41. Iva says

    We do art at the kitchen table or on the floor. A designated space would be awesome.

  42. Kim says

    Would love help with designing a space for my 2 and 4 year old girls to share. Thanks!

  43. Pat says

    I would love to get help with a space like this for my 2 year old boy and 4 year old daughter. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  44. Christina says

    Just struggling with this very thing right now! My current haphazard slapdashery amount three different rooms just isn’t cutting it.

  45. Marianne Johnson says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I can use all the help I can get setting up an art space. =)

  46. Anne Pisarik says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’ve been pondering where to put an art space for our 4 children so that it can be “a part” of our home and not hidden away somewhere where the kids don’t want to be. I’m thinking of transforming our dining room that we never actually use. Exciting possibilities!

  47. Deborah Mosley says

    I have 3 kids – 3, 6, and 11. They all love to do art. We have a loft we use as a playroom and this art studio would be perfect! My kids would LOVE it!!!

  48. Kim Anderson says

    This is such perfect timing. I’m trying to set up a space for my girls this summer!

  49. Leonor says

    My little girls will love to have an art space! This is a wonderful giveaway! I will be thrilled if we won and my girls even more!

  50. Christina says

    I have the perfect wall in my kitchen for an art space! Just need help designing!!

  51. Amy Morris says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I was just thinking about creating a designated art space tonight as my girls and I were struggling to share the kitchen island for painting and cooking dinner.

  52. sasha says

    What a true blessing this would be for my daughter, Sophia. As my small creative nook is downstairs (as no other space available), i am quite unsure how to incorporate a proper working space for my sweet, sweet girl. I want her to experience creativity on a daily basis with me in a space that works well. What an amazing opportunity. What an amazing chance. Thank you. sasha & sophia

  53. Nuala says

    I always aspire to a well-organised, inviting art space… and always fail miserably! I’d love this!

  54. Kristina says

    Am in the process of making an art space (not the kitchen table!) and would love professional help!!

  55. Jade says

    I would love to create an art space for my son to encourage us to do more art projects at home

  56. Siné says

    Wow! We are in the process of creating an art space in a spare bedroom. This service would be so useful.

  57. Sandra says

    since the current ‘art space’ is every square inch of the house, this would be a very valuable service in our house!

  58. Katie Woelfel says

    My toddlers would love access to their art materials with a space of their own. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Brandy says

    I have 4 children who have free range of my art supplies and as a result the organization of it leaves something to be desired. They would be so thrilled to have a tidy workspace all their own. Thank you for the chance to win! !

  60. Pinella says

    We’d love this! Just finished out basement as a playroom but my twins are scared to go down there despite my best efforts. Something like this might make it a fun room instead of “scary downstairs”

  61. Chrissy Byrom says

    Would be great to get some ideas to fit in an official art space in a very small home!

  62. Maria Cobian Alvarado says

    I have the art supplies but I can’t figure out what the best place for the art corner should be setup. My daughter (2.5 y/o) would be incredibly happy. (Mommy too because I know that she’d be over the moon and her little brother would get to use the space too in the future.)

  63. Jenee' says

    I would be so grateful to receive help in creating the perfect space for the children I watch!

  64. Lilian Schulte says

    Oh, I love the idea, our kids have half a room to themselves and they really like it…

  65. Peta says

    Our art supplies are constantly strewn all over the house making creative play increasingly difficult! Would love to be able to have everything in the one spot!

  66. colleen says

    We were looking to do something like this for my daughter’s room. It is a blank slate :)

  67. Audrie Patterson says

    I’m finally working on my 15 month old sons playroom! This would be perfect! Love so many of these ideas! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win!

  68. Mona Heuer says

    Great ideas…I actually built an art/play/homework space for my 7yo son. We were finishing the basement so I had some shelves built in; a desk that can be raised as he grows…he loves this space and spends hours there on his own. The basement was really for my son, so there”s the aforementioned art space, a reading area and a TV area (not that he care much for it, at this time). We are moving to a new home and I plan to do this again and incorporate some ideas I see here as well as just ideas of what need improvement.

    Thanks, this post was inspirational and full of great ideas.

  69. Katie says

    This would be awesome – we have a new playroom in the offing that is crying out for an arts and crafts space!

  70. Julia says

    Wow, this would be great! My space starts out great, but after a few projects it gets too crazy and I can’t seem to keep like supplies together!

  71. Emily jones says

    Gorgeous art spaces! What a great way to encourage creativity. My husband and I just bought our first house and this would be perfect for our three little ones!

  72. Deanna M. says

    This would be a dream come true for my twin boys. We are short on space but not on creativity at our home. I would love a space to keep out so we can create art whenever we are in the mood. Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. [email protected] says

    I would love some help to change my dining room into a an atelier- Nobody eats there…now where to put the china cabinet…

  74. Kaci says

    This is an awesome giveaway. I would love some help with our art space. We use a high top kitchen table but never can really leave our art supplies out. We have some supplies upstairs and others in our kitchen pantry. Still trying to come up with a system that works.

  75. Madison says

    Love your blog! Art is such an easy way for kids to explore themselves and develop confidence in who they are. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  76. noreen says

    I have oodles and oodles of art supplies for my boys but they are never used because 1) I’m not artsy, so I have no idea how to introduce them, and 2) they are tucked away in boxes up on shelves because I don’t know how to appropriately display them. This would be awesome!

  77. Amy says

    Oh what a wonderful opportunity. We have an used room crammed with art supplies in cupboards that really needs help!

  78. Amy says

    Oh what a wonderful opportunity. We have an unused room crammed with art supplies in cupboards that really needs help!

  79. Annie says

    That would be wonderful. We homeschool so we live in the “art space” the kids have (at the moment the kitchen). Would be amazing to have one fantastic inspiring space. Good luck everyone!!!

  80. Laura says

    We live in a small home with our 2 young boys, so keeping art materials organized and accessible to them is a real challenge. It’s so important to me to encourage art and creativity, as they were not fostered in my youth, and I want it to be easy and not intimidating for my children. Help!!

  81. angie sanders says

    I’m about to convert my nursery to an art studio for myself and my 4 kids and would love some ideas from Megan! :)

  82. Emily says

    We are beginning on our home school adventure this next year, a art space in our small schoolhouse would be amazing!

  83. Katie says

    I would be so grateful for this opportunity for me and my 4 small children! Thanks!

  84. Meaghan says

    What a wonderful service! We currently use our dining table and have to schlepp all the supplies back and forth. I would love to have a dedicated space for my girls, but just don’t know where to begin with our odd layout. This would be great for our family!

  85. Becky Williams says

    I would love to win this to help start an art playgroup or possibly for-profit art classes in my walk-out basement.

  86. Whitney Morgan says

    Love Megan and the spaces she creates for children. We’d be lucky to have one in our home!

  87. Trisha says

    We just moved and now have a whole room that will be dedicated to art for my 4 kids…I have no idea where to start!

  88. Amy says

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! My two budding creatives would LOVE this. Thanks so much for offering!

  89. Sarah says

    I love the idea of a dedicated art space! I would love to win this so I can get help setting one up for my kids!

  90. Rachel Holland says

    We are just starting along our creative journey in a new house and could do with some guidance in creating a fab space for my 6 year old and 2 year old. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. says

    I would love to set up a dedicated space for art making for my two year old. Growing up, the arts were so important to me and I hope to instill the same love of creating in him.

  92. Angela says

    Just resigned from teaching art in a public school to stay at home with my kids and would LOVE to have a more intentional and organized space for my kids and their friends to create art!

  93. Kerri Irwin says

    Would love to implement these strategies in my home for my own children as well as in my classroom for my students! Thanks!!!

  94. Brenda says

    I have a very artistic granddaughter who would be in heaven with a prize like this.

  95. Dawn Farnan says

    Love your great blog! Hope to win – I’m artistically challenged and my kids need this help! lol

  96. Melissa Nil says

    Would love this for our two artists. Have the perfect spot waiting in our basement!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Therese G says

    Would love to have an art space for my son. Right now, we generally do set outside on nice days to prevent messes, but a dedicated art space would be amazing!

  98. Michelle Canavan says

    We would love some ideas about how to make are space more usable:)!

  99. Emily Kimble says

    Art is such a gift to our girls, glad to see it is as important as well for so many others! Just love your website/blog, thanks for keeping our creative cups overflowing!

  100. Brittany Bankert says

    I own an art studio of my own, but this would be so perfect for my daughter to have something so awesome like this! :)

  101. Misty Connell says

    My daughters would LOVE this! I have tried, unsuccessfully to create spaces that work for both of them. But they just don’t work. My oldest is quite the artist and my younger loves getting her hands dirty. This would be a great addition to our home.

  102. Kristin says

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She really needs a special organized space. She is 5 and spends hours each day creating art.

  103. Angie Franckewich says

    This is an amazing service that she offers! We’d love to win this!

  104. Ann Emery says

    We are in desperate need of an updated art space for my 8 year old and we’re stuck. This would be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  105. Sara B Malloy says

    I just had posterior/anterior back surgery and was trying SO hard to get my playroom/arts and craft area ready for the kids before surgery – but it did not happen.
    Megan’s help would be the absolute best gift I could receive to get everything finished for the kiddos instead of the one easel squished in a corner and a small space for painting, coloring and gluing upstairs (I can’t go up and down stairs for a few more months while my back “hardware” and fusion sets.)

    It would be an honor to recieve this gift.

  106. Rachel L says

    My daughters would have so much fun with the sets! And so many ideas on your blog to try with the supplies!

  107. Dianna Y says

    I would love this for my three year old daughter. Need help organizing and making a pretty art space ! :)

  108. Doreen says

    was just thinking about how messy our craft space was ! what a great giveaway!

  109. Emily says

    My little artists and the artist in me would love some help improving our art space.

  110. says

    We love art and music in our family! We live in a 1 room apartment in an olddd school building. It is very difficult to coordinate “space” for these activities for the children. Megan would be a breath of fresh air to help us out! :)

  111. jamie says

    I would LOVE this…our art supplies have taken over our kitchen! Glitter, glue, wiggle eyes and so many other items kind their way into my drawers, plates and everywhere.

  112. laura says

    I’d love to win this for my daughter! We’re hoping to combine an art/project space with a guest room.

  113. Meru says

    A designated space for artwork and supplies in my small house would be a dream come true. That way I can see what I have instead of constantly rummaging through various craft store bags piled up and hanging in various closets, searching for things that I’m sure I have, but have no clue where they are.

  114. Elizabeth says

    I have been trying on my own to design something like this. I’m failing–I could really use help! I’m just excited that someone will win it…yay! What a gift!

  115. Rebecca says

    So, not a lot to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times already in the comments. I have 2.5 and 4 year old boys, the older is completely artsy and I’d love to create a more accessible space for them and I could really use the help, since organization is not my strong point. Thanks for the chance to win such a great service!

  116. Sarah Keith says

    This service is such a great idea! I would love some help designing and organizing my 4 year old son’s art area. He uses EVERYTHING he can get his hands on, and I have a hard time making his supplies accessible and helping him keep his space organized enough that he can really use it.

  117. Ashley says

    Ohhhhh my 4 daughters would sing your praises forever if we got this! How fun!

  118. Christine Donnelly says

    Yay! This would be fantastic! I need help… And my boys need an art space!

  119. Wendy says

    I always love new creative ideas both at home for my art loving 6 year old and at my preschool where I teach 3-4 year olds (in a way too small classroom!).

  120. says

    We love to be creative. No matter the space we’ve lived in, there’s always room for creativity. Usually it happens on the dining room table– then I’m finding places for papers to dry and projects to be stashed to be finished later. It works but isn’t convenient!

  121. Debbie Boissy says

    I would love to figure out how to create the perfect art space for my three kids with such different needs from it. What a fun giveaway!

  122. Sarah says

    My crafty little boys (in both meanings of the word!) would love this in our little home. Thank you for the chance to win and all your wonderful ideas.

  123. Christy says

    Wow! What beautiful spaces! My husband and I have rearranged our basement 500 times trying to create a beautiful space like this for our two girls! Would love to win!!

  124. Kim e says

    My kids would love this, I try to make beautiful spaces…but this is super awesome!!!

  125. Lisa says

    This would be amazing!! My two boys come to life especially when they make art or when the weather cooperates and they get to play outdoors! But we are 6months of the year winter so outdoor time is limited. This makes doing art ESSENTIAL.

  126. Jessica says

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for a chance at such wonderful organizational products and ideas!

  127. Geri Snider says

    I love your art ideas and appreciate the blog so much.
    What a great opportunity to win an art space from The Art Pantry!!

  128. Amanda Messer Fulford says

    I would love some inspiration for our backyard covered patio area!

  129. abby Jackson says

    I’ve tried so many ways of creating a space for my daughter that would help organize my house without hindering my little budding artists abilities. (The last time was 2 days ago… This task is never ending) This is an amazing opportunity for any parent who supports their little ones to keep creating their magic, thank you for sharing!

  130. Sarah says

    Our family has to have this prize – you have been such an inspiration in our art journey!