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How to Make Stained-Glass Heart Art with Black Glue

by Jean Van't Hul
January 1, 2024
black glue heart art featured

Here’s how to make faux stained-glass heart art with black glue. An easy kids’ art activity for Valentine’s Day.

Updated January 2024

This faux stained-glass project was one of those ideas that our founder, Jean, did a few years back with her girls. It was a hit back then, and it was a hit again when we tried it recently!

The basic idea is to mix white glue with enough black acrylic paint to color it. Squeeze out a glue design onto heavy paper and let it dry, then paint with watercolor paints.

The black glue acts as the “lead” in the stained glass and keeps the paint colors separate in the finished artwork. It lends itself to any design (try spiderwebs!), but we especially love the way it loves when making heart art!

stained glass heart art pinterest
Photo by Andrea Martelle

How to Make Stained-Glass Heart Art

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  1. Make black glue

    First, make your black glue. Open the top of your half-empty bottle of white glue. Add a good squeeze of black acrylic paint to the bottle. Screw the top of the glue bottle back on tightly and shake well to mix.

  2. Create your design

    Next, squeeze out a glue design onto watercolor paper. You can do this with any sort of image, scene, or abstract art. We used the technique to create hearts for Valentine’s Day.

    black glue heart designs

  3. Let glue dry

    Allow glue to dry completely, preferably overnight. The black glue will flatten somewhat as it dries and that’s okay. Waiting for the glue to dry was the hardest part!

  4. Paint with watercolors

    Finally, paint your heart art or other glue design with watercolor paints. You can use either watercolor cakes in tins, as we did, or liquid watercolors.

    painting heart art

The black glue looks like the lead in real stained-glass windows and also helps to keep the colors separate in the finished painting. Neat, huh?

painting heart art (1)
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Here’s a video showing the Black Glue Stained-Glass Activity in action!

Ready to try this? You probably have everything you need, already, except perhaps the black acrylic paint which you can pick up at the craft store.

black glue heart art
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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How to Make Stained-Glass Heart Art with Black GlueHow to Make Stained-Glass Heart Art with Black Glue

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