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Homemade flowers

by Jean Van't Hul
March 3, 2010

When it’s March and you desperately want to see some flowers but instead this is what it looks like outside your window, it’s clearly time to take matters into your own hands.


So we did. These flowers were made yesterday using egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.


We actually painted the egg carton cups a few days ago (must’ve known matters would get dire soon).


I poked holes in the bottom of the cups with scissors.


Then Maia and I threaded pipe cleaners through the holes. We used single pipe cleaners for some of the flowers and doubles twisted around each other for others.


I tied a loose knot with the pipe cleaners at the base and also inside the egg carton cup, to hold it in place.


We then took tissue paper circles, gathered them with our fingers, and glued them into the cups.


Like so.


And put them all in a vase.


And admired our new, colorful spring flowers. Our table is just a little more cheerful now. And I think it’ll help keep me happy until I’m able to bring in some flowers from the garden.

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