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Free Kids’ Art Material Guides

by Jean Van't Hul
July 18, 2017
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FREE kids’ art material guides by The Artful Parent. Our Top 10 Must-Have Art Supplies for Kids of all ages.

Updated October 2023

Getting started with art at home can feel so overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin! That’s why we’ve put together three comprehensive lists of our top art supplies for toddlers, preschoolers, and tweens.

But if you want something short and sweet, we have a printable version featuring all three lists, with just our top 10 picks for each age group.

You can click on the links to take you to the full lists or download the FREE printable lists by scrolling to the bottom of this post to sign up for a handy PDF version!

toddler art
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

The Best Art Supplies for Toddlers

The best art supplies for toddlers with our top recommendations that encourage art making and creativity from the start.

Check out the list here.

preschooler art
Photo by Rachel Withers

The BEST Art Supplies for Preschoolers

The BEST art supplies for preschoolers plus The Artful Parent’s favorite art tools and craft materials to get started creating at home!

Check out the list here.

big kid art
Photo by Anna Harpe

The Best Arts and Crafts Supplies for Tweens

Fun, colorful arts and crafts supplies that are perfect for the tween in your life. Quality supplies to take a love of art to the next level!

Check out the list here.

We hope these lists are helpful! And be sure to check out our most comprehensive list of the best art supplies for kids.

To help you remember these great materials, we created a printable version for you. (If you missed it, clear your cookies and refresh this page!)

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Free Kids\' Art Material GuidesFree Kids\' Art Material Guides

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