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How to Make a Travel Art Kit for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
June 21, 2017

How to make a travel art kit for kids with creative activities, printables, and basic art materials. Great for a plane or road trip!

Updated July 2023

We like to use art and creative activities to keep our kids engaged and happy in general, but especially on trips.

We have put together portable art kits for road trips and even for errands around town. But when we have to fly somewhere, we want to make even more compact art kits. Something the kids can slip into their backpacks that will help keep them entertained on a long flight.

The basic components are a set of drawing prompts, some markers, colored pencils, and some stickers, all held in a slim plastic case that can double as a lap desk.

If you have some traveling coming up, you might like to make one too.

How to Make a Travel Art Kit for Kids

Travel Art Kit for Kids - Minimalist Version

Mini Travel Art Kit

This minimalist version is slim and lightweight, perfect for slipping into a backpack or bookbag to bring on an airplane.

If you want a more extensive travel art kit, here are some additional ideas.

Full Travel Art Kit

This bigger travel art kit is better for road trips, hotels, and grandparents houses. Include all of the above, plus any of the following, in a larger box or bag

*Some of our favorite travel activity books include:

Using the travel art activities for kids

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