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How to Make Clay Coil Pots

by Jean Van't Hul
May 29, 2022

Making clay coil pots is an easy and fun way to work with clay and they make a great keepsake or gift! Roll clay out into long “snakes,” then coil them into a bowl or pot shape. 

If you are looking for a fun and easy clay activity, you must try clay coil pots! Kids of all ages will have fun rolling out long snakes of clay (and this is a great hand and finger strengthening activity!) and coiling them up into a bowl.

We like to use air dry clay for this project, because it dries without a kiln, and you can easily paint it afterward.

Here’s a video of Clay Coil Pots in action! And don’t forget to keep scrolling for step by step instructions.

Clay Coil Pots


*We use Crayola Air Dry Clay, but you can use any brand (including homemade) or use regular
potter’s clay.
**You can use watercolor paint, tempera paint, gouache, or acrylic paint.


  1. Create your pot base

    Start by creating a round “cookie” out of clay to use as the base of your pot. You can shape this by hand or roll it out with a rolling pin to about a 1/4 inch thick. Make scratch marks on the outside edge with a toothpick or butter knife.

  2. Create a clay snake

    Now, take a small handful of clay and roll it between your hands and the table to create a long, thin “snake.”

    rolling out clay

  3. Coil the clay snake

    Coil the snake of clay around the top edge of the clay base, over the scratch marks, then continue coiling the snake around and around.
    forming a coil pot

  4. Blend the edges

    Use your fingers and a tiny bit of water to blend the edges of the clay coils together a little bit or a lot.

  5. Add embellishments

    Once you’ve made your clay coil pot as big as you would like, you can add embellishments such as spirals, flowers, or braids made out of clay.

    forming a rose on clay pot

  6. Let it dry

    Let your pot dry completely (this can take several days).

  7. Paint it

    Paint the pot.

    painting clay coil pots

Once your pot is dry, you can give it to someone special, or use it for holding little items!

If you have some air dry clay on hand, we highly recommend trying these clay coil pots!

clay coil pots pin 2

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How to Make Clay Coil Pots