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How to Make Clay Coil Hearts

by Danielle Falk
December 5, 2021
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This Valentine’s Day, try making these beautiful clay coil hearts! They are a favorite and the hearts are worthy of displaying or gifting. Clay activity and post by Danielle Falk of Little Ginger Studio.

Updated December 2021

There really is nothing like getting your hands on some clay – it’s therapeutic, relaxing and simultaneously full of creative possibilities!

I’ve been making ceramic pieces with children for years and it is always my students’ favorite activity.

And did you know you don’t actually need a kiln, fancy glazes or a degree in Ceramics to make pottery?

There’s plenty of fun to be had using air-dry clay. And there are many good quality air-drying, or air-hardening clays available.

These clay coil hearts are super easy to make and suitable for all ages from 4 years and up. I’ve made them with little kids and adults and they never fail!

The technique of “drawing” with coils can be adapted to create intricate relief sculptures of different subjects. The outer heart shape helps to contain the coils and strengthen the design.

Photo by Danielle Falk
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How to Make Clay Coil Hearts



  1. Prepare the template

    Draw a heart shape on your piece of paper about the size of your hand, or a child’s hand!

  2. Make a border for the shape

    Roll out a coil about the thickness of your finger and try to make it as long as the perimeter of your heart.

    Roling clay coil

    Carefully place your coil on top of your drawing all the way around your heart shape.

    Placing Clay Coil on Heart Drawing

  3. Cut the clay to fit the shape

    Use your skewer as a knife and cut off any excess clay.

    Cutting excess off of Clay Coil Hearts

    Score (scratch into) both ends of your coil, add a little water and press together to join.

    Scoring ends of Clay Coil Hearts

  4. Fill the heart shape

    Create another long, but thinner coil this time. Roll it into a spiral shape and place it snuggly inside your heart border.

    Finishing up Clay Coil Hearts

    Continue making clay coil spirals and adding them inside your border. And finish by completely covering all gaps with little round squashed balls of clay.

  5. Join the coils together

    You now need to ensure all the clay is joined. You can do this by carefully scraping one side of the entire surface of the heart about 5mm deep.

    Tip: You may need to add more clay at this stage if the work feels a bit thin and flimsy.

    Once all clay is joined securely it’s time to flip it over and reveal your beautifully detailed clay heart!

    Peeling paper template off of Clay Coil Heart

  6. Add finishing touches!

    If your clay has cracked at all (especially on hot days), you can smooth the cracks with a little water.

    I often ask children to add more decoration by pricking designs with their skewers at this stage.

    Be sure to poke a hole near the top before the clay dries if you’d like to add twine or ribbon later for hanging!

  7. Decorate the heart!

    Once the pieces are completely dried (usually 2 weeks for paper clay) we fire them overnight in a kiln, add glazes in different colors and then fire them again.

But you can simply paint the hearts with acrylic paints and seal them with clear spray varnish and they will also keep (just don’t add water!)

Another exciting technique I discovered recently (inspired by the fabulous Sunnyside Art House in Melbourne) is using oil pastels and watercolors directly on clay!

See how this is one of our favorite clay projects for kids?

I hope you enjoy making these clay hearts as much as I have over the years. Happy heart-making!

Painting Clay Coil Hearts

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How to Make Clay Coil Hearts

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