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How to Make Lace Hearts Ornaments with Air Dry Clay

by Jean Van't Hul
February 11, 2016

Learn how to make easy lace heart ornaments and magnets. Easy to make with air dry clay, doilies and beads.

Lace Hearts - Clay Ornaments

Okay, so we’re getting a bit obsessed here with our lace hearts.

Making lace prints in dough is awesome! The process is very, very satisfying (for kids and adults alike) and it creates such a lovely relief of the lace. We’ve been doing this with playdough and air dry clay and I also want to try it in cookie dough, salt dough, real potter’s clay. Anything else?

Earlier this week, I posted about our playdough lace prints (and what the kids did with this pretty, textured dough). Today, I’m going to share the homemade heart ornaments and magnets that we made with the more permanent air dry clay.

Make Lace Hearts with Air Dry Clay

How to Make Lace Hearts in Clay

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*We used crochet doilies picked up at a yard sale, but you can also find them available for purchase at craft stores, fabric stores, and online. Also, give any thicker lace a try, including lace ribbon. Just don’t use paper doilies.


  1. Place clay on parchment paper. Add doily & roll.

    Pull off a piece of air dry clay and set on a sheet of parchment paper.** Lay your lace doily over the clay and use a rolling pin to press the doily design into the clay.

    **Use parchment paper to cover your work surface rather than the plastic mats shown in some of these photos. We quickly learned that the clay lifts up easily from parchment paper but not from the plastic mats.

    Making lace prints with crochet doilies

  2. Reveal the lace print

    Carefully lift the doily off the clay to see the pattern beneath.

    Making lace prints with crochet doilies

    Look at that detail!

    Lace Hearts in Clay

  3. Make a heart

    Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart from the clay.

    Make Lace Hearts with Air Dry Clay

  4. Make a hole to hang the heart

    Use a straw to punch a hole at the top for hanging.

  5. Add beads (Option 1)

    If you like, you can embellish your lace heart by pressing small beads into the design. Daphne really got into this.

    If you add beads, make sure to press them in well. A couple of her beads fell off after the heart dried and I had to glue them back in place.

    Lace hearts in air dry clay with bead decoration

    Here’s another one she made.

    Adding beads to lace hearts

    I pressed a few beads into the ones I made as well.

    Making Lace Hearts in Clay

  6. Paint your hearts (Option 2)

    If you like, you can even paint the hearts once they are dried (especially if you didn’t add beads).

    The paints we used are Colorations Activity Paint and BioColors, in metallic colors, and both available through Discount School Supply. Tempera or acrylics would work okay as well.

    Painting lace hearts

  7. Let clay hearts dry, then add ribbon

    Allow the clay hearts dry (ours took a couple days) then thread string or a narrow ribbon through the hole and hang.

    Lace Hearts Hanging as Ornaments

I really like how these ornaments look against my teal door!

Lace Hearts Hanging as Ornaments

We sent our lace heart ornaments as Valentine’s Day gifts to the grandmas and cousins. And also included some magnets we made using the same technique.

Here’s a video showing how to make Easy and Fun Clay Heart Ornaments with beads. And don’t forget to keep scrolling to see how to turn these hearts into magnets.

And here’s the (simple) magnet variation…

How to Make Lace Heart Magnets



Make lace hearts

Follow the instructions for the lace hearts through cutting out the hearts, but use a smaller heart cookie cutter for the magnets.

Let dry

This takes about a day for these smaller clay hearts.

Paint clay hearts for magnets

Paint if desired

Again we used Colorations Activity Paint and BioColors, but tempera or acrylics would work okay too. Let the paint dry.

Add magnets

Use a hot glue gun to glue the small magnet disks to the backs of the clay hearts.

Lace Print Heart Magnets

Use your new lace heart magnets to hang artwork on the fridge! And to give as gifts…

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