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How to Make a Wooden Star with Lights

by Jean Van't Hul
September 20, 2021

These DIY lighted wooden stars make great Christmas decorations & are simple to make from inexpensive hardware store yardsticks, paint, and Christmas lights.

Updated October 2021

This is a fun and easy idea from Pinterest that won’t break the bank! Huge DIY lighted wooden stars made from 69 cent yardsticks and wrapped in Christmas lights.

Thanks to Crystal from Little Bit Funky for the idea and the easy instructions.

Here’s how we did it…

DIY Lighted Wooden Stars



  1. Glue your star together

    Arrange your yardsticks in the shape of a star and glue the points together.

  2. Paint your star

    Next, paint your star whatever color you’d like. You can even paint and then add glitter to the wet paint!

    You can paint a coat of primer first, to make sure the yardstick lines are covered, or just paint with a darker color.

    Painted Wood Stars 4

  3. Add your lights

    Wrap a string of Christmas lights around the outer edges of the yardstick star…

    …and plug it in!

We love the way these lighted wooden stars sparkle in the night! Such a festive holiday decoration.

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