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How to Make 3D Paper Star Ornaments

by Jean Van't Hul
December 27, 2021
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Learn how to make 3D paper star ornaments with this simple tutorial. These paper stars make great Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts!

Updated October 2021

We love making decorative stars of all kinds. But we really love these 3D paper star ornaments. They are perfect for Christmas decorating and gift giving. 

We’ve seen this idea before with hearts and circles, too, so you could do this with any symmetrical shape. But we think the 3D stars look especially nice.

We added faceted plastic “crystal” beads at the top of ours to make them extra special and sparkly, plus liberal amounts of glitter for the same reasons. But the tutorial is simple and you can customize your 3D paper stars any way you like.

A big thank you to Dixie Crystals Sugar Kids in the Kitchen for sponsoring this activity and post on The Artful Parent! As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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How to Make 3D Paper Star Ornaments



  1. Cut out 3 paper stars

    Use this star template to cut out three paper stars. You can hold the template over the heavier art paper and cut through both layers.

  2. Fold your stars

    Next, fold each star in half, and then unfold. This will make assembly easier later, but you can also just wait until after decorating before folding. We did it both ways.

  3. Decorate your stars

    Use your art materials to decorate your stars any way you like. We used markers to decorate some stars; tempera paint and glitter for some stars, and glue and glitter for some stars.

    Let dry, if necessary.

    making star ornaments

  4. Make a Beaded Hanging Loop

    Use embroidery thread and needle to string a few beads at the end of a loop. Remove needle and tie off with a double knot on each side of the beads.

    Make a Beaded Hanging Loop for 3D Paper Star Ornaments

  5. Assemble Your 3D Paper Star Ornament

    First, glue the inside halves of two paper stars together.

    Then, glue the trailing string from the hanging loop into the center.

    Finally, glue the third star to the other two.

    coloring stars in

  6. Display or Gift!

    Hang your pretty new 3D paper star ornament on the Christmas tree, in the window, or gift it to a teacher or a favorite aunt.

    3D star ornament

Are you ready to make your own 3D paper star ornament? Grab the template here and get started!

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Thank you again to Dixie Crystals Sugar for sponsoring this activity and post on The Artful Parent! All opinions expressed are my own.

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