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Pasta Art Activities for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 27, 2015
Pasta Art Activities for Kids

We’ve dyed pasta a few times now and used it to make pasta necklaces, pipecleaner caterpillars, and pasta collages, so when the Rockin’ Art Moms issued a macaroni challenge,* I was all over it. I was familiar with using pasta for kids arts and crafts but also excited to branch out and try something new.

We ended up doing two new pasta art activities for kids, both hits.

First, though, we dyed our pasta which is super simple.

How to Dye Pasta for Arts and Crafts

How to Dye Pasta

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  • Dried pasta, various shapes and sizes as desired
  • Plastic ziploc-type bags
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Food coloring (liquid not gel) or liquid watercolor paint


1. Place your pasta shapes in the plastic bag, one bag per color.

2. Add a tablespoon or so of rubbing alcohol, close the top, and massage the bag to distribute the alcohol.

3. Open the bag, add your food coloring or liquid watercolor paint, close the bag again and massage to distribute the color.

4. Spread the pasta out on cookie sheets or a wax paper-lined surface to dry.

Colored Pasta for Kids Arts and Crafts

Now you’re ready to use the colored pasta for kids art activities!

Now that you have your pasta dyed, here’s a video showing Pasta Arts and Crafts in action! And don’t forget to scroll down to get the step-by-step instructions.

Pasta Sculptures for Kids

Pasta Art Activity #1 – Pasta Sculptures

We started with this pasta sculpture idea and returned to it several times over the past week. The kids especially liked working on these during our read-aloud time.


Pasta Sculptures and Art Activities for Kids


Use the air dry clay as the base of your sculpture and poke pipe cleaners and/or dowels in the clay. String with pasta beads. Add additional pipe cleaners and pasta as desired until the sculpture is complete.

Pasta and Clay Sculptures

You can also press colored pasta into the sculpture base or into air dry clay on it’s own.

The kids each made and decorated doughnuts this way.

Little Pasta People

And little pasta people.

And you can, of course, use the pasta shapes with just pipe cleaners, threading them on for bracelets, sculptures, spirals, or even letters.

Mandalas and Other Pasta Art Activities for Kids

Pasta Art Activity #2 – Pasta Mandala Collage

We made these when Maia had a friend over and everyone loved them!


  • Colored pasta shapes
  • Sturdy paper plates
  • Glue
Mandalas and Pasta Art Activities for Kids


Glue the colored pasta shapes on the paper plate in a radiating mandala design.

A Pasta Portrait

You can also make a face collage, as Maia did, or any other pasta design you like.

Want more pasta art ideas?

14 Pasta Art Activities for Kids

Now that you’re excited about the potential of pasta, check out some of these other arts and crafts projects you can make with it!

14 More pasta art activities for kids

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