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Shaving Cream Art on the Window

by Jean Van't Hul
February 12, 2022
shaving cream on the window

Shaving cream art is a favorite with many kids. This activity has them drawing through shaving cream on the window, letting the lines of light shine through.

Updated May 2022

We LOVE shaving cream! It can be used in so many ways. You can use it to marble paper, or mix it with paint to make foam paint, or use it for any number of sensory experiences.

But one of the easiest ways to use it for an art experience for your kids is to just squirt some on a window and let them at it!

They’ll spread it all around, use their fingers to draw pictures in it, and have a blast. Then, when they’re all done, the cleanup is pretty easy, and the shaving cream doesn’t leave stains like some paints might.

Shaving Cream Art on the Window


*We really like to use the Smartly brand from Target – it’s very cheap and smells like summer (rather than the typical shaving cream scent!)


  1. Squirt shaving cream onto window

    This step is easy: simply squirt some shaving cream onto the window of choice.

  2. Have fun!

    Your kids will probably spread the shaving cream around and then draw in it with their fingers (or a paint brush or other tool).
    They can also write letters or words in the shaving cream.

    shaving cream on the window

  3. Repeat

    When your child wants to start over, they can simply spread the shaving cream around again and try something new!

We love how the light shines through the shaving cream drawings!

This is such an easy project, and feels so fun and messy to children, yet is actually not very messy at all.

Photo by Rachel Withers

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Shaving Cream Art on the Window

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