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30 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
May 1, 2024

These Mother’s Day crafts for kids include handmade gifts, arts and crafts, plus activity ideas for the day itself!

Updated May 2024

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to make gifts, crafts, and cards to celebrate the moms in our families.

Many of the ideas in this post can be easily adapted to Father’s Day gifts, gifts for beloved aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and even teacher gifts.

The funny thing is that most of the Artful Parent readers are the moms in the family. And the moms are often the ones searching for arts and crafts ideas and fun activities for the kids.

But we hope that those same moms are being taken care of by others in their lives (dads, friends, teachers, aunts, grandparents, etc.) and that someone is searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas and helping the kids create thoughtful cards and gifts if help is needed.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

4 Mother’s Day Art Projects

These art projects make beautiful gifts for Mom!

painted donuts
Photo by Catalina Gutierrez
  1. Paint a gorgeous watercolor geode to hang up.
  2. Make a Queen Mom Mother’s Day portrait painted by kids.
  3. Draw your mom’s favorite donut for her to frame!
  4. Paint lace to make a beautiful DIY wall hanging.

12 Homemade Gifts for Mom

These are gifts that kids can make or help make.

Photo by Anna Harpe
  1. Make a lace heart ornament (or set of magnets) with air dry clay.
  2. Sew a simple embroidered design for Mom.
  3. Make a gorgeous mandala art design on a vinyl record.
  4. Make a simple clay coil pot for Mom to keep her rings in.
  5. Create a beautiful suncatcher from plastic beads 
  6. Make beautiful, decorative paper plate baskets.
  7. Make a hand-painted bead key chain (on Meri Cherry).
  8. Paint some rocks for Mom to put in her garden or display somewhere special.
  9. Weave a wall hanging for Mom for hang up.
  10. Create an air-dry clay hand dish.
  11. Print with leaves on cloth napkins for a pretty addition to the table.
  12. Tie dye a new tee shirt for Mom! Or try our new favorite technique, ice dyeing.

6 Flower Crafts for Mom

Who doesn’t love getting flowers on Mother’s Day?!

flower bouquet
Photo by Andrea Martelle
  1. Make Mom a flower crown.
  2. Pick and arrange a special bouquet of flowers (perhaps begin with an invitation to create with flowers).
  3. Make a bouquet of tissue paper flowers.
  4. Make flower flags with flower pounding.
  5. Create a bouquet of vibrantly colored coffee filter flowers (on Fun at Home with Kids).
  6. Paint a bouquet of watercolor flowers.

4 Photo Gifts for Mom

Photos are always good gifts for mothers!

art displayed on shelf
Photo by Rachel Withers
  1. Even the littlest kids can make self-portrait art when they start with a photo.
  2. Decorate a frame and use it to frame a child’s photo or a photo of Mom and child together.
  3. Pick one of these easy ways to display art and use it to show off some photos or some of the child’s artworks.
  4. Make picture frame wallpaper for children’s art

4 Mother’s Day Activities for Families

These are fun activities to do with Mom on Mother’s Day!

cooking with mom
Photo by Anna Harpe
  1. Draw or paint “maps of your hearts” together.
  2. Bring Mom breakfast in bed. How about blueberry muffins, raspberry lemon cream cheese coffee cake, or raspberry scones?
  3. Cook a favorite family recipe together (Or try something new! May we suggest the best cherry pie recipe ever?)
  4. Garden together. Perhaps today is a good day to make some garden wish flags! Or try one of these other garden projects.

How about you? What are your favorite Mother’s Day projects for kids? Or activities to do together on Mother’s Day?

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30 Mother\'s Day Crafts for Kids30 Mother\'s Day Crafts for Kids

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