Mmm… Cherry Pie

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cherry pie 5

Maia and I made a cherry pie today to bring to friends who were having us over for dinner. It's my all-time favorite dessert. My mom used to make it for my birthday when I was a child so it brings back good memories.


cherry pie 3

Maia loves to cook, which to her means pouring ingredients into a bowl and mixing it with great vigor, either with her hands or with a spoon. It also means tasting almost everything, especially the butter!

cherry pie 2

For cherry pie, I use a combination of two recipes. My favorite is from The Pie and Pastry Bible, but while their crust is divine, it is way too complicated for my every day life with a toddler, so I use the crust from The Best Recipe.

cherry pie 1

Ready to go…

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  1. Rachel says

    this was a seriously amazing tasting (and looking!) pie everyone! so honored we got to be the recipient!
    i was just getting ready to email you for the recipe! thx for the links!