Watercolors and Oil Pastels with the Art Group

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We painted with watercolor paints over oil pastel drawings in the art group yesterday. We've done this several times in the past (with crayons or colored pencils, not the oil pastels) but haven't in a while, so it was nice to come back to an old standby. This is Henry's painting above.

We use watercolor paints in tubes and just mix it with water in a bowl ahead of time (half a minute ahead of time, in my case). The oil pastels are probably about 20 years old–my grandmother gave them to me–but they work okay. Not great, but okay.

Here's Maia's painting.

And here's Thalia's painting.

The tractor made an appearance again today and was much coveted at the art table. Not sure who brought it in, but it's now considered an art tool.

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    Love the art group. Is this something that you just came up with and got some kids together, or do you offer classes? Are you any where near Utah? If not, I need to start up an art group in my area. Get all the paints out and get messy, all in one weekly group class.

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    Discount school supply (www.discountschoolsupply.com) has great oil pastels for kiddies (a little fatter than the adult-type, but still the real deal). They carry Crayola, as well as their own brand, Colorations, which is a bit cheaper and just as good. Brilliant colors, smooth texture.