A Bean Pole Teepee & Morning Glories

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Do pole beans and morning glories go together?

I say so.

Mostly because I couldn’t decide between a for-the-table bean pole teepee and the pretty moonflower tent. Needless to say, I was inspired by Sharon Lovejoy and her excellent Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots book. We have moonflowers and morning glories planted around the front porch, and decided on morning glories and beans for the teepee. A funny mix, but there it is.

Bean Pole Teepee

Harry (and Maia) dug holes in the front lawn first, partly because our soil is red clay and I wanted to mix it with better garden soil and partly because the ground was so hard I couldn’t push the poles in.

Bean Pole Teepee

We used six foot bamboo poles. I was hoping for eight foot, but couldn’t find any at the store. Six foot poles turn out to make the perfect size teepee for an almost-three-year-old munchkin (or two), though. We wrapped the whole thing with garden twine, leaving a generous opening for the door.

Bean Pole Teepee

Then Maia planted the beans. I mixed them with bean and pea inoculant first, which helps them fix nitrogen in the soil (I think). These are Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, left over from last summer. They didn’t do so great last year, and I’m hoping it’s just because I didn’t use the inoculant. I’m crossing my fingers for a teepee covered with beans and morning glories.

Bean Pole Teepee

And here’s the finished teepee!

We’ll try for another photo in a month or two when the teepee is covered (hopefully) with growing things…

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  1. says

    I’ve been wanting to try this for ages but husband won’t let me gouge up his lawn!! Can’t wait to see the resluts, i love morning glory.

  2. says

    Good luck with the teepee I think it will look wonderful with all those plants growing around it. We tried one last year with weaving twigs through, but it didn’t work with the dog as she does thought it was like her own little supply of wood to chew on.

  3. says

    Looks like great fun! A friend here in WNC told me about your blog and I am so glad! My children are a bit older, but they still love arts and crafts! I’ll be back for a visit!

  4. Maureen says

    Random question as I am not a gardner but have been trying to plant mostly items we can eat rather than flowers. Are there any veggies that would work on this type of set up – perhaps tomatoes? Also, would blackberries or raspberries work or would they just tend to take over?
    I LOVE your site – it truly is an inspiration – your daughter is so lucky to have such a creative mom!

  5. says

    Funny, my husband planted green beans around a bamboo teepee a couple of years ago in one of our raised beds, and morning glories just appeared there on their own! Look out, I love them bcs they’re so pretty, but they are invasive and will take over. We’re finding them everywhere now…to my delight and my husband’s dismay (does anyone detect a theme here?)

  6. molly says

    Totally amazing! I hope everything grows right up. We may have to go ahead and do this too…

  7. says

    Maureen, yes, I grew tomatoes up a three pole teepee last year. It’s not quite the same effect though. Peas, but they should be planted early spring. I think cucumbers could be trained up a teepee. Beans of course. And gourds if you have a very sturdy teepee. I don’t know anything about growing raspberries and blackberries…
    Julie, we have some wild (?) purple morning glories around, but my heavenly blue morning glories don’t seem to be spreading at all (yet anyway).
    Steph, you can buy bamboo poles at most nurseries, including the mega chains Home Depot and Lowes.

  8. says

    You may want to be careful no one eats the morning glories as they are toxic-they probably won’t kill you but they will make you sick-especially the seeds, have a halucinagenic side effect. Last year some kids south of here purposefully “tripped” on moonflower seeds (same family) and got really sick. Just an FYI, maybe you already know this. :)