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How to Make Garden Wish Flags (The Perfect Summer Craft for Kids!)

by Andrea Martelle
May 19, 2021

Jean’s original post about garden wish flags for kids received a fresh update by our editorial assistant, Andrea Martelle. Learn how to make simple garden wish flags with kids using fabric crayons and fabric. Draw and write your wishes on the fabric bunting then hang in the garden!

flags against fence_andrea martelle
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Updated June 2021

Garden wish flags have been a popular craft at The Artful Parent for a quite a while now and are often featured as fun ways to spruce up an outdoor space. Wish flags are the perfect spring or summer craft and are easy to make with cotton fabric and fabric crayons.

So we decided to try our hand at making some wish flags this summer, to add some flair to our garden beds and because these aren’t just any old decoration:

These flags carry our wishes and hopes for the garden and for the gardening season. Let’s hope they do the trick!

Jean Van’t Hul

Garden wish flags are easy and fun to make, even for non-sewers (like me!) and the kids loved coming up with wishes and hopes for our garden this summer.

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How to Make Garden Wish Flags

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  1. Cut your flags

    First, use pinking shears to cut triangles out of the white cotton fabric. Then trace the shape onto a piece of cardboard and use that as a template for the flags.

    fabric cut for flags_andrea martelle

  2. Decorate your flags!

    Tape the edges of the flags to the table using painter’s tape or masking tape to keep fabric taut while your kids draw.
    Next, draw your wishes and hopes for the garden onto the flags with fabric crayons or markers.

    drawing a bluebird_andrea martelle

    We wished for sun, butterflies, bluebirds, lots of flowers, and apples on our apple tree!

    apple wish flag for garden_andrea martelle

    If need be, iron the flags to set the drawings.

  3. Attach your flags to twine or ribbon

    There are several ways to do this: you can sew your flags directly to a narrow ribbon, or sew a little hem to string the twine through. (I opted for the latter and even though I’m not a great sewer, it was an easy job).

    As a third option, you might use fabric glue to attach the flags to the ribbon.

    attaching flags to twine_andrea martelle

    Make sure to leave some ribbon or twine at the end for hanging up in the garden.

    Optional: When Jean first created these, she cut matching triangles in brightly colored fabric, and sewed them to the ribbon as a backing to the white flags.

  4. Let your flags fly!

    Now attach the flag bunting to a dowel or bamboo stick––or hang them directly from your plants, like we did.

    flags with roses_andrea martelle

We love to stroll through our yard and look at the flags hanging in our garden. The kids are so proud of their drawings and they are a great reminder to check the status of our apples!

poppy flag against fence_andrea martelle
Photo by Andrea Martelle

What would you wish for in your garden? If you make these wish flags, or try any of our garden crafts, be sure to tag us on Instagram @artfulparent!

flower garden wish flag_andrea martelle

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