Stained glass leaves

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Look! A stained glass leaf! Isn't it pretty?

I was inspired by our leaf rubbing banner to experiment with the idea a little more yesterday (when Maia was at a friend's house and I probably should've been doing dishes) and I ended up making several different stained glass leaves* to hang in the window with our summer leaf banner.

*Okay, I know I should probably stop calling everything "stained glass" just because I hang much of our art in the window. I know it's not really stained glass. I like the term though, better than suncatcher, and am not sure what else I would call it.


Anyway, first I did my leaf rubbings. Besides the colors above, I did a few with white. This time I set each leaf upside down so the rubbings were done against the more prominent  veins on the bottom of the leaf.


Then I did a wash over the leaves with liquid watercolors.


After the paint dried, I cut out each leaf


and hung them in the window with the banner. This photo doesn't do them justice. They really look beautiful!



Here's a detail of one of the leaves. I made this one with a white oil pastel (the others were done with crayon) and teal watercolor paint.

Most people seem to save their leaf art for the fall, but these leaves are decidedly summery!

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    I LOVE the banner and your leaves! I think its so cute that you made leaves too. I’m always crafting right along with the girls and sometimes when they are done but I want to make something too :)
    we just made something you might like we glued (with watered down glue) tissue paper squares to deli containers they turned out so pretty: (just scroll down past the cupcake container greenhouse, they are right below it)

  2. says

    Oh how pretty! I am loving your beautiful summery nature projects. Thanks so much for the how-tos, I’ll be linking.