A stained glass sculpture & other artful ideas around the web

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Maia and I made a couple of "stained glass" sculptures after school this week, following Valerie's instructions on Frugal Family Fun Blog. You know how much I love stained glass of any kind! Of course I had to try this. It was easy, fun, and mess free — I recommend it!

Some other artful ideas from around the web that I'm in love with:

Truck painting! Check out Claires Toddler Tales to see the white jeep that a very lucky toddler got to paint. Yes — a real jeep and real (washable) paint. What a fabulous idea! Claire will be in charge of painting her parent's white jeep before camping and off-road trips for some special "art on the move."

I also love these sculptural hats made of paper at Art for Small Hands! I think we'll try this project after school soon. Hats are always a hit around here.

I've always heard of DIY scratch boards with crayon on the bottom and black paint as the top layer (and that it was hard to scratch through the paint), but here's a version at Made by Joel with black crayon as the top layer that looks easy and fun.

And, look at these easy-to-make alphabet rocks at The Write Start. I so want to make them! Wouldn't they be fun to keep in a basket and use to play around with words and writing?

Please feel free to add your own link in the comments to an artful idea you've written about or come across recently. My plan is to have less computer time and more family time this weekend, so no more posts until Monday (but I will read comments!). Happy weekend!

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    If you decide to do the car painting, be forewarned… Our friends used car window paint to decorate our 10 year old Subaru when we got married last fall, and any paint that got on the black rubber trim around the windows permanently stained it. I don’t know if this would happen with a newer car (maybe the rubber became brittle or porous over time), but it’s a risk.

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    A lot of those window paints are meant to be waterproof and probably reacted with the rubber in your trim somehow.
    I think washable paint is a safer bet for this project (it’s what we used to paint the Jeep and Claire’s powerwheels before that) and it comes right off with water. You could even add a few drops of liquid soap to the paint before hand and you’ll wind up with a cleaner surface then when you started, heehee!

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    My mom used to make us those scratch art sheets when we were kids (in the early 80s). We colored patches of color all over the sheet and she colored over them with a black crayon. I have always be disappointed in the store bought ones.

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    Thanks a million for mentioning our alphabet rocks. They are getting so much use! I think they will stand the test of time too — I have visions of the kids practicing their spelling words with them one day!
    Thanks again, Jean. I just *LOVE* everything that’s going on on your blog these days! I have so many projects bookmarked!

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    The first week of school went great for the most part. Thanks for asking. There are definitely a few transition issues to work through for both of us. For example, I’m wierded out by the breakfast that is apparently mandatory for kindergarten students and Maia’s freaked out by the LOUD flushing noise the toilets make (and so tries to avoid using them). But overall, we’re both happy with it so far!

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    Thanks for the round up, I will have to make some of those sculpture hats – what fun, I know my children will love them. I am curious about the breakfast thing at school. Do they have to eat breakfast at school?
    I found some of my daughters art that I am sure you and Maia could put to all sorts of uses, crayon rubbings, printing on T-shirts, or just making a series of pictures. It is card printing – http://www.papercraftsforchildren.com/2010/08/17/card-print-picture/.

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    Great Jean!
    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island