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How to Make Picture Frame Wallpaper for Children’s Art

by Jean Van't Hul
December 1, 2022
picture frame wallpaper

Learn how to make picture frame wallpaper for kids’ art by taping up a large sheet of paper and drawing an assortment of frames on it.

Updated January 2023

You can make some quick and easy picture frame wallpaper for your kids by taping up some wide white butcher paper and drawing an assortment of frames on it.

We promise this will be a hit! Your kids will love drawing pictures inside the frames, decorating the frames themselves, and even drawing all around the frames.

And all you need is paper, tape, and drawing tools.

We’ve done this before on smaller paper but having the larger frames up on the wall is so much fun. And, you get some cool DIY wallpaper at the same time, too!

picture frame wallpaper pin
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Picture Frame Wallpaper for Children’s Art

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  1. Hang your paper

    First, hang the butcher paper on the wall with masking tape. You can tape the bottom to the wall as well, so that it is secure.

  2. Draw frames

    Then, draw a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes with a black sharpie. You can draw simple ones, or more elaborate ones. Or some of each!

    frames on big paper

  3. Add art!

    Your kids will know what to do for this step! Give them some drawing tools and they will get right to work filling the frames with all different kinds of art.

    drawings inside of frame

We love this wall of smiling faces in our living room!

This picture frame wallpaper was so easy to set up as an art activity – we highly recommend it! We love how frames make kids approach their drawing and art a little differently. Sometimes it’s good to think inside the box.

drawing workshop
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

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How to Make Picture Frame Wallpaper for Children\'s Art

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