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How To Make Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

by Jean Van't Hul
November 2, 2023
coffee filter snowflake featured image

Learn how to use coffee filters for super easy paper snowflakes! Add watercolors for a fun winter craft for kids.

Updated December 2023

All these years we’ve been trimming 8 1/2 x 11 paper down to a square, then folding it and rounding off the edges to make snowflakes.

Then one day, we tried one of our coffee filters (left over from the coffee filter holiday garlands), folded it, and cut out a snowflake.

So quick. So easy. No extra cutting or folding to get it into the right shape because it’s already round. And easy to cut through the layers since it’s lightweight.

Coffee filters make the best snowflakes! It seems so obvious now. So, here’s how to make coffee filter snowflakes.

paper snowflakes pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle
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How to Make Paper Snowflakes



  1. Fold your coffee filter

    First, fold a coffee filter in half and then in half again, creasing the folded edges. You can fold another time or two, but for the little kids this is generally enough.

    folded coffee filter

  2. Cut shapes & lines

    Use your scissors as you would with a regular paper snowflake and snip triangles, lines, and shapes along all of the edges of your folded coffee filter.

    cutting snowflake

  3. Unfold snowflake

    Carefully unfold to reveal your coffee filter snowflake design!

    opening paper snowflake

  4. Paint

    If desired, paint with watercolor paint to add some color to your new snowflakes.

    painting paper snowflake (1)

We’ve been cutting many, many snowflakes over the past few days.

painted paper snowflake
Photo by Andrea Martelle

And since coffee filters take watercolors so well, we’ve been painting some as well. This is as much fun (or more!) as cutting them.

A few dabs from the glue stick to hang our new painted coffee filter snowflakes in the window and we have a winter wonderland inside and out!

paper snowflakes
Photo by Andrea Martelle

And be sure to check out this video of More Fun Coffee Filter Art!

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How To Make Snowflakes with Coffee FiltersHow To Make Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

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