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How to Make a Nature Ice Wreath

by Jean Van't Hul
November 7, 2021
nature ice wreath featured image

Make a nature ice wreath by arranging berries, flowers, and other nature items in a Bundt pan and adding water. A lovely eco-friendly holiday or winter decoration!

Updated November 2021

Here’s a simple and lovely idea for an eco-friendly holiday decoration. Nature ice wreaths are perfect for hanging outside on a cold winter day, and bring a beautiful bit of color to the white landscape.

We love this post by resurrection fern on her ice wreaths. Beautiful! And she shows you how to make one if you don’t have a Bundt pan.

Nature Ice Wreath


  • Bundt Pan (or you can use a round cake pan if you don’t have a Bundt)
  • Items from nature like berries, leaves, flowers, and greenery
  • Ribbon
nature ice wreath pinterest


  1. Gather your nature items

    You can take a nature walk, or stroll through your garden, and gather up any and all berries, fruit, leaves, and flowers you see.

    cutting holly leaves for ice wreath

    In the past we’ve used crabapples, holly berries, lambs ear, lavender, blueberry leaves, and alyssum. We’ve also made wreaths with orange slices and cranberries, and even some violets for a lovely pop of purple!

    cutting leaves for nature ice wreath

  2. Make your wreath

    Place your nature items in the Bundt pan or cake pan in an arrangement you like.

    Pour water into your pan.

    Cut a loop of ribbon and rest it on the edge of the pan where you want it to be (you can also tape it to the edge of the pan). Make sure the ends of the ribbon are submerged in the water.

    frozen wreath

  3. Freeze your ice wreath

    Carefully place your wreath in the freezer and let it freeze completely (preferably overnight).

    When it is fully frozen, remove from the freezer and put the pan in a sink full of warm water to loosen the ice. Then tip the wreath out.

    nature ice wreath in bundt pan

  4. Hang your wreath!

    Find a tree branch outside to hang your wreath on and enjoy how the light sparkles through the ice!

    orange and cranberry ice wreath

We love how it looks with the light shining through! We want to make more wreaths and some ornaments, too. As long as the cold weather holds out, you can have ice wreaths and ornaments all over the yard!

Have you tried making ice wreaths?

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How to Make a Nature Ice Wreath

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