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How to Make Swedish Snowball Lanterns

by Jean Van't Hul
February 21, 2015
DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

Written by Gina Vide

There’s a saying in Sweden that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

From the first winter that I experienced here, I witnessed this first hand. Babies travel everywhere you do and weather stops no one. There are highly prized pre-schools that guarantee you that your child will never be taken inside during their time together and that guarantee goes further to assure parents that even naps will be outside in their buggies (winter, included). This awareness of the elements affects all facets of daily life, include the idea of modern, simplistic, functional design we associate with Sweden.

I think that these Snowball Lanterns represent this Swedish-lifestyle very well and I’m really excited to be here today and to share these with you.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns
DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

If the snow can pack, our neighbourhood is usually speckled with these Snowball Lanterns. With kids, my mind is always on ways to enhance outdoor activities and these are such a win-win! Snowball Lanterns are both beautiful and a great way to combine play, togetherness and functionality; giving the kids a great way to channel snow energy into creating a work of beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Building a Snow Lantern is very simple and it’s size will be up to you. Continue with us below and we’ll show you how you can build one, too!

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

How to Make Swedish Snowball Lanterns


  • Snow and Snowballs
  • Tealight


Locate a flat area on your lawn and start making snowballs.

Make as many snowballs as you’d like.

Keep the snowballs uniform in size and pack them well.

The more snowballs you have, the higher you can build up.

Once you have your supply, start by forming a ring with the balls.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

Next step :: start building up.

Add one layer after another, gently decreasing the width at each level.

As you layer the snow balls, think ahead to leave a small gap in the construction as a place to reach in with your hand and to place a tea light once the construction is finished.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

The goal is to build a solid snowball pyramid.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

Once the balls are in place and a Snowball Pyramid has been formed, parental guidance is necessary to placing and lighting a candle.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns

To use the Snowball Luminary, just reach into the little gap with a tea light, light it, and enjoy your beautiful work.

DIY Swedish Snowball Lanterns


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Gina Vide of Willowday

About the Author

Gina is a designer and illustrator who lives in Sweden with her husband and 3 kids between the city and the sea. She is passionate about kids and creating and thrives off of creating hands-on projects with them, exploring every corner of imagination, and sharing them on her blog, Willowday. While many people imagine that her name is “Willow,” her willow life actually began on the day that she married and took her husband’s Swedish last name, which sounds like the Swedish word for “willow.” You can follow Gina on PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.

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