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How to Make Swedish Snow Lanterns

by Gina Vide
October 30, 2022
snowball lantern featured image

Snowball lanterns dot the Swedish landscape in winter. Learn how to make these beautiful snow lanterns with just snow and a tea light.

Updated November 2022

There’s a saying in Sweden that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

From the first winter that I experienced here, I witnessed this first hand. Babies travel everywhere you do and weather stops no one. There are highly prized preschools that guarantee that your child will not be taken inside during their time there, and that guarantee goes further to assure parents that even naps will be outside in children’s strollers (even in winter).

I think that these snowball lanterns represent the Swedish-lifestyle very well and I’m really excited to be here today and to share these with you.

If the snow can be packed into snowballs, our neighborhood is usually speckled with these snowball lanterns. With kids, my mind is always on ways to enhance outdoor activities and these are such a win-win! 

Snowball lanterns are both beautiful and a great way to combine play, togetherness and functionality; giving the kids a great way to channel snow energy into creating a work of beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Building a snow lantern is very simple and its size is up to you.

snow lanterns pinterest
Photo by Gina Vide

Swedish Snow Lanterns



  1. Get ready

    First, locate a flat area on your lawn and start making snowballs.

    Make as many snowballs as you’d like. Keep the snowballs uniform in size and pack them well.
    The more snowballs you have, the higher up you can build.

  2. Create your lantern ring

    Once you have your supply of snowballs, start forming a ring with them.

    ring of snowballs _ gina vide

  3. Build up

    Next, start building up. Add one layer after another, gently decreasing the width at each level.

    As you layer the snow balls, think ahead to leave a small gap as a spot to reach in with your hand and place a tea light, once the construction is finished.

    building a snowball lantern

    The goal is to build a solid snowball pyramid.

  4. Light your lantern

    Once the snowballs are in place and a pyramid has been formed, parental guidance is necessary for placing and lighting a candle.

    snowball lantern completed_gina vide

To use your snowball lantern, just reach into the little gap with a tea light, light it, and enjoy your beautiful work.

snowball lantern_gina vide
Photo by Gina Vide

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Photo by Gina Vide
How to Make Swedish Snow Lanterns

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