A DIY Rainbow Stained Glass Window

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DIY Rainbow Stained Glass Window with Watercolor Resist

This post contains affiliate links.We made a new rainbow stained glass window for the front door. And you know how I am about color. I love it. I’ve been wanting to try this ever since we made the other scribble stained glass, and this seems a good time with Maia’s birthday around the corner and “rainbow” part of her requested party theme (rainbow fairies, princesses, and unicorns).

Here’s how we made it ::

A DIY Rainbow Stained Glass Window

Making a Rainbow Watercolor Resist Stained Glass Window

1. The girls scribbled all over a sheet of easel roll with oil pastels (crayons would work, too).

Crayon Scribbles for Rainbow Stained Glass Window

2. I used a piece of paper the size of the window panes as a template to trace each rectangle.

Painting the Rainbow Watercolor Resist Stained Glass Window

3. Maia painted in the rectangles with liquid watercolors.

Rainbow Watercolor Resist Stained Glass Window

4. After the paper dried, I cut out the rectangles, painted the back of each with vegetable oil, then stuck them to the window panes. Easy peasy.

And now we have a wonderfully colorful rainbow stained glass window for our front door!

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DIY Rainbow Watercolor Resist Stained Glass Window

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  1. says

    lovely! lovely! lovely! one question…do you use anything to stick it to the windows or does it become like a window cling and aheres by itself?

  2. says

    How inspiring!! We must start this project right away.
    I even have the veggie oil – so awesome. And beautiful.
    xoxo michele

  3. Peggy says

    Oh, this is awesome! We have a group of windows next to our front door with an ugly curtain over it… this is so much better I cannot wait to do it!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Renee (Blue Wren Bibs & Bits) says

    That is the most inspiring idea… I’m in awe!!!
    I so want to try this for our front door panel.. may be a bit big for us though?? haha

  5. Kristin @ Preschool Universe says

    Neat! Great idea of sticking them on with vegetable oil. We will have to try this in our playroom :)

  6. says

    i love this idea! now that my daughter is two and half, we are incorporating a lot of art projects into our days–i’m going to have to add this one to the list. thanks for all of the great ideas that you share on your blog–i love the way that you focus on easy, accessible projects to foster creativity and art learning.

  7. Misty says

    I did this project today with my toddler. Not sure it was the best project for a toddler, but we had fun. Wish I had used baby oil or mineral oil, the veggie oil has an odor, but the door looks great!

  8. Linette says

    My kids and I did this project today and I love it. Our watercolours are not so bright so I think I will invest in the liquid watercolors.
    The project had 2 bonuses: 1. I found a neat way of incorporating/ displaying the kids art in our home. 2.Our front door use to have a view into the guest bathroom, what a clever way of solving that little problem.
    And yes, I wish I could do it with all the windows in our house. Sigh ;-)

  9. says

    Looking at these pictures, it seems that your children had a wonderful time decorating the rainbow stained glass window of your house.The scribbled design chosen by your children looks so lively and colorful! It is a masterful piece by your children. It’s a good thing that you were able to instill in their young minds the importance of cooperation.

  10. Mary says

    I love your blog Jean! And I love this idea! I have a question. We rent our home. Does the paper easily come off when needed? Is it difficult to clean?

  11. says

    Because I’m slow — you surely had to tape them to the window panes, right? The veggie oil didn’t stick them…. This is so gorgeous, and I want to try it in some way!

  12. Bobbi Jo Barger says

    What a cute idea for creative little kids to show off their talent for everyone to see…Not to say it would only be good for children though, I think I would like to take a stab at it myself. ;-}

  13. Eri says

    Hi! I’m just wondering if light can still pass through the paper? I’d like to do this for my dorm window :D and I wouldn’t want my room to get dark.

  14. A4q96 says

    Hi, might sound like a silly question, but the vegetable oil doesn’t damage the surrounding? And do you get the oil off simply with soap and water or household cleaner?