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Autumn Leaves Craft: A Stained Glass Window

by Jean Van't Hul
October 10, 2011

Make this autumn leaves craft by turning colorful fall foliage into a beautiful stained glass window that brings seasonal color indoors.

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations

We made a new stained glass window for our front door using Autumn leaves and contact paper.

Isn’t it so pretty?

These leaves are from a nearby tree. We love gathering colorful fall leaves so much that we’re always on the lookout for them – even when running errands!

Here’s how to make this simple Autumn leaves craft

Autumn Leaves Stained Glass Window

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Aren’t these leaves beautiful with the sun shining through?

To make this leaf stained glass, add autumn leaves face down to the sticky side of transparent contact paper. Then simply stick the contact paper directly to the window. When you’re ready for a change, just pull the contact paper off the window.

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations

A few of the leaves on this panel were dried, but for the most part we used freshly picked leaves. From making flower petal and leaf suncatchers in the past, we’ve learned that after a week or two the leaves and flowers look as though they’ve been pressed and dried, especially if they were thin to begin with (i.e. there isn’t a full flower or layers of flowers but rather flat leaves or flower petals).

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations

If your children would like, they can draw on the contact paper pieces with sharpies first, before adding the leaves.

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations

We love using front door windows as art displays. All the stained glass effects we’re able to create, using seasonal inspiration and different techniques.

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations

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