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How to Make an Autumn Leaves Stained Glass Window

by Jean Van't Hul
July 10, 2022
autumn leaves stained glass

Turn your front door or window into a beautiful autumn leaves stained glass with contact paper and leaves! This is a fun craft that brings seasonal color indoors.

Updated August 2022

We’ve made stained glass windows for our front door using flowers before. It’s a fun and lovely way to display the colors of the season. So why not try it with Autumn leaves, too?!

We love gathering colorful fall leaves so much that we’re always on the lookout for them. This is a great way to use all of those collected leaves AND decorate your front door (or window if you have a door without glass).

autumn leaves stained glass window
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

How to Make an Autumn Leaves Stained Glass Window

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  1. Cut your contact paper

    First, cut your contact paper to fit inside the space you will decorating (window or door frame) and peel off the backing. Sometimes it helps to tape the contact paper to your table or workspace, so it doesn’t curl up.

    If your children would like, they can draw on the contact paper pieces with sharpies first, before adding the leaves.

  2. Add leaves!

    Next, add autumn leaves face down to the sticky side of transparent contact paper. We’ve found that it’s best to use freshly picked leaves.

    close up of fall leaves

    Pro tip: From making many flower petal and leaf suncatchers in the past, we’ve learned that after a week or two the leaves and flowers look as though they’ve been pressed and dried, especially if they were thin to begin with (i.e. there isn’t a full flower or layers of flowers but rather flat leaves or flower petals).

  3. Stick to window

    Finally, simply stick the contact paper to your window or door. Step back and enjoy the beautiful stained glass you’d created!

    fall stained glass

The best part about these stained glass windows? When you’re ready for a change, just pull the contact paper off the window and make a new one!

Fall Leaves Stained Glass Window Decorations
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Aren’t these leaves beautiful with the sun shining through?

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How to Make an Autumn Leaves Stained Glass Window

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