Last-minute pumpkin carving and decorating inspiration

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While we’ve painted some pumpkins, we haven’t carved ours, or otherwise decorated them, yet this year.

That’s our task for this weekend.

In preparation, I have been looking around Pinterest and other blogs for kid-friendly pumpkin carving and decorating ideas. Because I’m just not ready to let Maia wield a large knife around a difficult-to-carve awkwardly-shaped hard object yet. But I want her and Daphne to be able to participate as much as possible.

In the past, Maia has drawn a face on her pumpkin with a sharpie and I’ve cut it out. We may do that again this year. But also, I’m excited about these fun ideas I’ve found around the web:

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Msl_oct06_15yr_carrotnose_l EP_halloween_cookiecutter_step3

We’ll probably choose at least one of these pumpkin carving and decorating ideas as a starting point for our own jack-o-lanterns.

And who knows… Maybe it’ll make its way into our Halloween tradition (we’re still working on establishing holiday traditions).

Do you have any special Halloween traditions? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Kari R says

    I only recently began reading your blog over the summer, but wanted to finally share how much I appreciate all of your ideas. I am an art teacher…I currently teach art history at the high school level (for an online high school- and I work at home). Since I focus so much on art history and analysis, I feel out of touch with art activities. I work from home to take care of my 2 and a half year old daughter. Between finding time for work and taking care of my daughter, house, etc, my brain gets fried. I rely on your site to give me ideas for art activities with my daughter every week. We both love them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Kari

  2. erica says

    Have you tried using one of those inexpensive carving saws they sell everywhere? My 8-year-olds used them for the first time at at pumpkin carving party last year and I was amazing at how smooth and easy the carving went. We bought our own saws this year for $2.99 at a grocery store. I’m never putting a kitchen knife to a pumpkin again!

  3. says

    I’ve never tried one, but actually just bought a little carving saw set from Target. We’ll give it a try today (still haven’t carved those pumpkins…). You’re right, I bet my six-year-old could use one of those just fine.

  4. says

    We haven’t had the kids carve their own yet either, but a saw thingy sounds like a good thing to look for. One of the pumpkins was a little frozen (it, um, snowed here last night) because I only just bought it this morning and it spent the night in a snowy field. Not so easy to scoop out & cut. But we have cute jack o lanterns!! :-)