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12 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


This year we’re featuring a roundup of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Along with lots of creative costume ideas, don’t miss tutorials on how to make masks, wings & tails!

Cardboard Dinosaurs costumes__Mini Mad Things

It’s October and the whole Artful Parent team is excited for Halloween! We have lots of ideas for great Halloween decorations, fun Halloween arts & crafts for kids, and of course, creative DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

DIY Halloween costumes for kids from The Artful Parent team.

Today we are sharing some of our favorite handmade kids costumes, both from the Artful Parent and from some great Instagram accounts. And for extra fun, we wanted to share some favorites from our own families!

A Costume Making Party for Kids

As you know, I love a good Halloween costume, especially a homemade one. It’s fun to brainstorm the perfect costume, gather materials and make a handmade kids costume–the end result always expresses so much creativity!

A fun way to get into the Halloween costume-making spirit is to host a costume-making party for kids (maybe an outdoor version this year?)!

Costume Making Party for Kids - DIY Fox Costumes

If your kids’ costumes have masks or wings, check out How to Make Paper Plate Masks, Cardboard Wings, and More!

Two girls with wearing brightly colored DIY paper wings

And if you need some amazing paper wings (think bird, angel or dragon) Danielle Falk of Little Ginger Studio wrote a guest post on How to Make Easy DIY Paper Wings for Kids.

Diy dress & wings costume for kids

And don’t miss her post on fabulous DIY kids costume from recycled materials as well. They’re amazing!

If you’re stuck for a great costume idea or just like looking at other folks creativity as much as we do, you are going to love this roundup of our favorite DIY costumes for kids from Instagram.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Child dressed as butterfly from minimadthings

1. Butterfly Wings from @minimadthings

These gorgeous butterfly wings from Mini Mad Things are made with recycled materials and are totally customizable!


2. A Swan Princess from @mer_mag

This stunning swan princess costume from Merrilee Liddiard at Mer Mag is lovely for Halloween, or anytime your child wants to dress up.

Two boys wearing cardboard dinosaur costumes from Zygote_Brown

3. Dinosaur Masks from @zygote_brown

We love these amazing cardboard dinosaur masks from Alicia Brown of Zygote Brown Designs. Your dino lover will feel like a real T-Rex wearing one!


4. Spider Web from @coastal_babysitters

This is a perfectly spooky and very easy costume to put together. Simply wrap your child in webbing and attach as many spiders as you’d like!

Child dressed as Queen of Hearts_Little Button Diaries

5. The Queen of Hearts from @littlebuttondiaries

If you’ve got an Alice In Wonderland lover, you’ll want to check out this amazing Queen of Hearts costume from Laura and Tia at Little Button Diaries!

DIY Halloween Costumes for kids– Child dressed as box of popcorn_theholleyhomemaker

6. Box of Popcorn from @theholleyhomemaker

We love this yummy costume from Morgan Holley of the Holley Homemaker. All you need to become a box of popcorn is some cardboard, a paper bowl and some crumpled up paper!

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids_Spaceship and sun_Happy Tot Shelf

7. Spaceship and Sun from @happytotshelf

If you’ve got siblings who love to dress up together, this spaceship and sun pair from Fynn at Happy Tot Shelf is an easy option. All you need is cardboard and paint, and two little faces!

Child wearing DIY Halloween costume for kids dressed as an ice cream cone_Prettylifegirls

8. Ice Cream Cone from @prettylifegirls

This baby dressed as an ice cream cone is the cutest thing we’ve seen! If you want to get crafty with fabric paint, this costume from Liz and Sam at Pretty Life Girls is perfect for you!

Children dressed as hot dog, ketchup, and mustard_Pretty Life Girls

9. Hot Dog, Ketchup, and Mustard from @prettylifegirls

Continuing in the food category, the crew at Pretty Life Girls also have a hot dog, mustard, and ketchup trio, if you need an idea for a fun group DIY costume.

Family dressed as Eric Carle's The Very Hungry caterpillar

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar from @randrathome

Here’s a fun costume to invite parents to join the costume fun. Rebecca from R&R at Home has the perfect family costume idea–– the Very Hungry Caterpillar, all the food the caterpillar eats, and the beautiful butterfly it turns into!


11. Masquerade Masks from @makermint

All you need for these magical masquerade masks from MakerMint are paint stirrers, black cardstock or paper, and some fun decorations.

Child dressed as pilot with plane_jarrendell

12. Pilot and Airplane from @jarrendell

If you’ve got an airplane lover in your family then this pilot and plane combo is for you! Pair a pilot’s uniform with a wearable plane made from recycled materials and you are all set!

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

More DIY Costumes for Kids

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12 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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