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Try Painting Pumpkins for Halloween with Your Toddler

by Jean Van't Hul
August 1, 2021
painting pumpkins featured image

Painting pumpkins for Halloween is a great no carve option for kids. Also an easy Halloween art activity for toddlers.

Updated September 2021

Painting pumpkins is an easy way for kids of all ages to participate in decorating for Halloween. It’s also a super fun sensory activity.

It’s something little kids can totally get into – using paint and brushes (or hands) on 3-dimensional orange objects with ridges and stems. How fun!

And older kids enjoy it as well.

Plus the painted pumpkins don’t decay the way carved pumpkins do, so you can decorate your pumpkins earlier for Halloween decorations.

ella glittering a pumpkin _ rachel withers
Photo by Rachel Withers

Painting Pumpkins With Kids

Painting with pumpkins is easy: give each child a pumpkin, some paints, paintbrushes (or just let them finger paint!) and if you’re brave, glitter!

You can use Halloween colors, or any colors you’d like. We think these pastel colors really pop on the orange pumpkin!

Glittering the pumpkin _ rachel withers
Photo by Rachel Withers

The Best Paints for Pumpkin Painting with KidsThis post contains affiliate links.

The paint we used is activity paint from Discount School Supply. We’ve used tempera paint for painting pumpkins in the past and it works fine, but does tend to crack and peel a bit after it dries. The activity paint adheres to most surfaces without any cracking. BioColor paint would work great, too.

If you have tempera paint though, go ahead and use it! Try mixing in a few drops of liquid dish soap to the tempera paint first to help it stick to the smooth surface.

painting pumpkins with kids _rachel withers
Photo by Rachel Withers

Have you tried painting pumpkins with kids yet?

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Try Painting Pumpkins for Halloween with Your Toddler

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