A doily stained glass window (and some links)

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DoilyWindow_JV_7Take a look at the new faux stained glass window on our front door! I used doilies this time. Doilies and contact paper. Isn't it pretty and wintery and perfect for Christmas? We're a little slower than usual in getting our decorations up and this was my attempt at a Christmas-y front door. I made it while Maia was at school yesterday and she was so bummed that I had made something without her! I had to promise we'd decorate another window this way soon…

Here's how I did this (in case you'd like to try it yourself for some quick Christmas decorating):


I spread out a large-ish sheet of contact paper, pulled off the paper backing, and taped it to the table, sticky side up. Then I simply stuck 4 inch doilies all over the contact paper, good side down. I used a piece of paper the size of my window panes as a template to mark off where I needed to cut out the individual pane-sized pieces.


After cutting them out, I stuck them to the window. The contact paper did most of the sticking, but where there were doilies in the corners I had to use a dab from the glue stick to keep them against the window (it washes off easily).


Isn't it pretty? I think we'll try a mix of different size doilies next time (since I promised Maia there would be a next time), or maybe let the girls paint them with watercolors first. And, thinking ahead, wouldn't this be fun at Valentine's Day with heart doilies in pink, red, and white?

Okay, now for my links:

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  1. says

    I love it! I think random shaped doiles would be perfect
    My back door is similar to yours, maybe I’ll find some contact on sale soon since end of january is back to school for us in Australia after summer break. (would it be wrong to use ‘snowflake’ doilies in summer?? never (we still do paper cut out snowflakes for christmas and hang them in the window)

  2. Julia says

    The kids and I have been making snowflakes out of cupcake liners (I found the jumbo liners in the Wilton aisle at Walmart). I don’t remember where I saw it posted, but our door is looking similar to yours! Happy holidays!

  3. rachel says

    fun idea w/the doilies! would also work w/cut snowflakes out of coffee filters i presume. fun fun!
    and i figured out the .com thing the other day… so much easier! thank you!

  4. says

    Love the door Jean. I wish we had windows like that in our door — I’d do it for E’s birthday party (she’s having a snowflake ball).

  5. says

    I love your front door. My wishlist has your front door on it. ^_^ Ours actually has permanent fake doily-type flower etchings. While we all enjoy the patterns the sun projects on the wall when it’s shining directly through, I’d rather have the ability to switch things up a bit. The doilies look great, by the way! Thanks for keeping such a wonderful blog!

  6. says

    Beautiful!!! I finally jumped on the contact paper bandwagon recently and am having so much fun creating with it.
    Can’t wait to try this. I am sharing it on our Facebook page right now!

  7. says

    Hi I just started my blog today and wanted to say thank you for being such a good mommy and such an amazing inspiration as well! I listed you as someone I look up to, but because of my newness to the blogging world, I’m not totally sure on the “protocol” of linking. Anyway wanted to let you know just in case.
    I have to try this with one of our windows asap!

  8. says

    Your idea is so creative and practical. Placing doilies on your glass window will not only make your window stunning but it can also give a sense of privacy to your home. The simplicity of the white doilies adds an elegant design to your window. Using it can also avoid passerby or strangers from peeking at the interiors of your house.