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How to Make a Natural Christmas Wreath

by Rachel Withers
November 10, 2021
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Craft a beautiful, natural Christmas wreath with live greens for your home. This is an easy holiday craft for younger kids to join in on.

Aren’t these wreaths so beautiful?

We made these at a Christmas wreath workshop for kids for the holidays. They’re easy enough for preschoolers to make (with some assistance) and make the best holiday decorations for your home.

how to make a natural christmas wreath

I came across this idea from Teach, Make, Create and knew I had to try it with my kids.

We used an assortment of live and dried materials: dried orange slices, live pine & cedar, pinecones, dried flowers and eucalyptus leaves. You can find these locally at Christmas tree stands, plant nurseries––or source your own own natural materials on a nature walk.

And we used floral foam wreaths for the base so that the kids could mostly push the materials into the foam. Next time around, I’d like to try a grapevine wreath or something more eco friendly.

Here’s all the details so your kids can make their own Christmas wreaths!

how to make a natural christmas wreath

Natural Christmas Wreath for Kids


  • dried orange slices
  • pinecones
  • live greens (white pine is nice and soft), cedar or boxwood greens
  • eucalyptus leaves (ours are from Trader Joes)
  • dried flowers
  • floral foam wreath or grapevine wreath


Time needed: 45 minutes

  1. Prepare materials

    Gather together live greens and pinecones by going for a walk in the neighborhood or back yard. I’ve stumbled upon big cedar branches broken off the tree before that make a great wreath material!

    If using dried orange slices, you can slice and bake these a few days in advance.

    materials for natural christmas wreath for kids_rachel

  2. Set out materials

    Place foam wreath base and materials on trays at the table.

    materials for natural christmas wreath for kids

  3. Poke in live greens

    Begin to poke the live greens into the wreath base. Continue working around the foam base, turning and poking in more materials. Be sure to cover the base completely so it doesn’t show through.

    child adding greenery to foam wreath base_rachel

  4. Hot glue materials

    Tuck in pinecones, dried orange slices and flowers, then secure with a dab of hot glue. (This step may require adult assistance depending on your child’s age.)

    natural christmas wreath for kids

  5. Hang wreath

    That’s it! It can be helpful to hold up your wreath to be sure the materials hold. Make any adjustments as needed.

    natural christmas wreath_rachel

I think this is such a beautiful Christmas decoration to make with kids. I’m hoping it can be a regular holiday tradition with my own family each year.

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how to make a natural christmas wreath
How to Make a Natural Christmas Wreath
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