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Creative Art Ideas for Kids :: Hole Drawings and Paintings

by Jean Van't Hul
February 18, 2013

Inspire your kids creativity with hole challenge drawing activities and papers

I’m always looking for creative art ideas for kids to challenge their thinking and their art-making. Any art project will do that to some extent, but some art ideas challenge kids’ thinking and creating a bit more than others.

Hole challenge drawings (and paintings, collages, etc) are just the sort of art activity that will really get the creative juices flowing because they force them to think outside the box.

You may be surprised by some of the artworks your kids come up with!

Creative art ideas for kids using holes:

  • Drawing around the hole :: Cut holes of any size or shape out of paper then offer to your children along with a drawing tool. If they’re confused (“There’s something wrong with my paper.”) just tell them it’s a new kind of drawing and that they can draw around the hole or on a different part of the paper or incorporate the hole into their image some how.
  • Sticker collage on hole paper :: Try stationery stickers such as hole reinforcement stickers or blank price stickers. Kids may create patterns or images around the holes or incorporate the hole as  an integral shape of something they want to create.

You can also do the reverse by adding something extra to a piece of paper before handing it to your child and making that the challenge.

  • Like these challenge drawings and these :: Challenge drawing papers are a wonderful way to encourage creativity! We’ve even made mini versions of these challenge papers for road trips.

There are lots of other art ideas for kids to challenge their creativity.

This post on creative drawing ideas includes a variety of drawing prompts and drawing games.

Creative Art Ideas for Kids - Inspire Creativity with Hole Challenge Drawings and Paintings

What are your family’s favorite art ideas to spark creativity?

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10 Best Kids Art Ideas
10 Best Kids Art Ideas

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