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The Best and Most Popular Kids Art Activities from The Artful Parent

by Jean Van't Hul
December 31, 2017

The Best of the Artful Parent 2017

Whether you’re a longtime reader of The Artful Parent or a newbie here, you’re probably curious about what the best art activities and blog posts are.* I know I am!

At the end of every year, I dig into my Google Analytics to find out for myself and share with you.

So here goes…

Today I’ll share the best, most popular posts from 2017 as well as the most popular of all time.

By the way, when I say most popular, I mean these posts have been visited and shared more than any other posts on my blog.*

*Sometimes the most popular is popular because it truly is the best (such as my cherry pie recipe), but sometimes it’s popular because it’s a hot topic (such as the fluffy slime) or because round-ups are particularly shareable (top 10 all-time favorite art activities). But that doesn’t mean the other posts on The Artful Parent aren’t worth exploring.

My Favorites from 2017 - The Artful Parent

For example, these posts are a few of my favorites from this past year:

Note: If you’re new here or to kids’ art, you may want to start with my kids art directory (500+ Kids Arts and Crafts Activities), which is actually the most popular of all, or on my Parent’s Corner.

The Best of The Artful Parent (2017 Edition)

These are the top 10 The Artful Parent posts from this past year that have been the most popular according to Google analytics.

A Rainbow of Homemade Fluffy Slime

1) A Rainbow Fluffy Slime Recipe

This fluffy slime recipe is easy to make at home! Here’s the recipe and instructions to make this super fluffy and stretchy slime yourself. (Recipe by Maia)

Raised Salt Painting Squiggles

2) Raised Salt Painting

Raised salt painting is an all-time favorite kids art activity that is loved by all ages from toddlers on up.

DIY Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream and Watercolors

3) DIY Marbled Paper the Easy Way

The best, easiest, and cheapest DIY marbled paper is done with shaving cream marbling. This is one of our very favorite art activities.

Top 10 Favorite Art Activities for Kids

4) Top 10 All-Time Favorite Art Activities for Kids

Our top 10, all-time favorite art activities for kids that are fun, open-ended, easy, and look great. Everything on this list is a winner for most ages!

DIY Salt Puffy Paint

5) How to Make and Use Salt Puffy Paint

How to make and use DIY salt puffy paint with kids. This is a tried-and-true favorite process art material and technique for children.

How to Set up a Kids Art Space

6) How to Set Up a Kids Art Space That Builds Creative Confidence & Independence

How to set up a kids art space that invites them to use materials independently when inspiration strikes. (Written by Megan Schiller of The Art Pantry)

Blow Painting with Straws - A Fun Art Activity for Kids

7) Blow Painting with Straws

Blow painting with straws is simple yet lots of fun for kids of all ages. Use a straw to blow liquid paint around on paper, creating interesting designs.

18 Creativity Quotes To Live By

8) 18 Creativity Quotes to Live By

Creativity quotes can inspire us to live better, create more, and be more true to ourselves and our visions.

Marbling with Oil and Food Coloring

9) Marbling with Oil and Food Coloring

Marbling with oil and food coloring is one of the easiest ways to marble paper and it uses materials you likely already have at home. Beautiful!

11 Best Sensory Materials for Kids Fun and Development

10) 11 Awesome Sensory Materials for Kids

Sensory materials are great for children’s development and can be used in learning, play, and art activities. The more senses we use regularly, the better.

The 10 Best Kids Art Activities and Posts of All Time - The Artful ParentThe Best of The Artful Parent (all time)

These are The Artful Parent posts from the past 10 years that have been the most popular in 2017 according to Google analytics.

  1. The Best Cherry Pie Recipe Ever
  2. How to Make Melted Bead Suncatchers
  3. What to do with Water Beads
  4. 16 Printable Art Activities for Kids
  5. DIY Puffy Paint for Kids
  6. The 25 Best Kids Art Materials
  7. 21 Ways to Display Kids Artwork
  8. Melting Ice Science Experiment with Salt and Watercolors
  9. Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolors
  10. How I Finally Learned How to Use my DSLR Camera

The Best of 2016 on The Artful Parent Blog

More Artful Parent Best-Of Lists from Years Past

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The 10 Best Kids Art Activities from The Artful Parent

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