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10 Cardboard Art Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 1, 2024
cardboard art

10 cardboard art ideas kids can make from a cardboard box. Raid the recycle bin and make inexpensive, eco-friendly art!

Updated May 2024

We love using recycled art materials for our art making, and especially like to use cardboard for kids art.

Our kids call dibs on any cardboard box that comes through the house and use them for all kinds of creative projects and pretend play ideas.

Besides pretend play scenarios, using cardboard for art just makes good sense.

There’s so much cardboard around us. It’s FREE, it’s sturdy, and it’s begging to be used.

So go rescue some cardboard boxes from the recycle bin and get creative with these art ideas.

10 Cardboard Art Ideas for Kids

painted rainbows structure
Photo by Danielle Falk

1. Make a Rainbow Cardboard Sculpture

For these rainbow cardboard sculptures, simply paint cardboard rainbow shapes and then slot the shapes together loosely (inspiration from Eames’ House of cards).

cardboard forest
Photo by Eleanor Ford

2. Create a Cardboard Art Forest

Create an amazing magic forest with this easy cardboard art project for kids. Makes a fun creative play setup for kids.

3. Make Cardboard Robot Puppets that Actually Move!

Learn how to create fun robot puppets that actually MOVE using cardboard and other recycled materials in this make and play project for kids.

cardboard building discs

4. Make Cardboard Building Discs for Sculptures

Kids can create their own building material by transforming a box into cardboard building discs. Stack the discs to make these awesome sculptures!

cardboard weaving loom
Photo by Danielle Falk

5. Make a Cardboard Loom

Learn a simple weaving activity for kids with cardboard looms and fabric. Create a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home!

cardboard masks
Photo by Danielle Falk

6. Make Colorful and Creative Cardboard Masks

Use cardboard to create vibrant masks perfect for imaginative play! We love how unique each mask turns out.

7. Make a Cardboard Castle for Hours of Pretend Play

Making a cardboard castle for kids is quicker and easier than you thought possible. You’ll want a cardboard box, cardboard tubes, a glue gun, and some paint sticks.

8. 3D Cardboard Portraits

Learn how kids can make 3D cardboard portraits in this easy portrait-making art activity for kids.

cardboard tree featured image

9. Make Colorful Cardboard Sculptures

These cheerful cardboard sculptures look like trees and are super easy and fun to make. We think they are a perfect parent-child project.

10. How to Make DIY Stamps with Cardboard

Create DIY stamps with cardboard and other items from your recycling bin. Then make print after print!

Do you have some cardboard boxes around your house that you could use for one or more of these kids’ art ideas? And don’t forget, you can always set out a piece of cardboard with drawing or painting materials and see what your kids come up with!

cardboard collage
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

More Recycled Art Projects for Kids

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10 Cardboard Art Ideas for Kids 10 Cardboard Art Ideas for Kids

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