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How to Make a Leaf Rubbings Craft Wreath for Kids

by Joanna Walker
August 1, 2022
leaf rubbings wreath featured

Turn a leaf rubbings craft into a colorful wreath that will last all season long! This easy fall project comes from Joanna of The Blue Barn.

Updated September 2022

Hi! Joanna Walker here from The Blue Barn and today I’m sharing a project that involves one of my favorite simple fall invitations – leaf rubbings.

I’m sure this activity is not new to many of you. But I wanted to take you through the simple invitation I left out for my children after school one day.  This activity grew and evolved into so many different projects that are great for all ages – all from a simple leaf.

To start with, here’s a highlight of the materials we used to create our finished wreaths. However, to begin with a simple leaf rubbing, you will only need a few items from this supply list.

leaf rubbings craft pin
Photo by Joanna Walker

How to Make a Leaf Rubbings Craft Wreath This post contains affiliate links.



  1. Prep supplies

    I began by setting this project up on a sunny fall day, you know the perfect day where you need a sweater but the sun is warm and the breeze smells good.

    On a tray were a few sheets of the white printer paper, oil pastels in fall colors and a few leaves to get them going.

    Materials for Fall Leaf Rubbings Wreath project

  2. Create leaf rubbing

    It didn’t take long for them to spot the oil pastels and leaves. I showed them how to take a rubbing from the back side of a leaf and they were off.

    Fall Leaf Rubbings Activity for Kids

    To make a good leaf rubbing, place a leaf bumpy side up under a sheet of paper.

    Then, taking an oil pastel, rub the side of the oil pastel over the paper where the leaf is hidden. Note:  It works best to remove the paper from the outside of the pastel first. 

    Making leaf rubbings

    It is so interesting to see how kids all interpret this simple invitation differently.

  3. Paint leaf rubbings

    Next, I mixed up a wash of black watercolor paint. You could choose a more fall like color (yellow, red, orange) but I wanted the colors to pop through for the kids so I chose black.

    Paint the sheets of leaves and watch as the paint runs off the oil pastels with the colors showing through.

    Painting watercolors over crayon leaf rubbings

  4. Paint cardboard hoop

    We couldn’t let all the pretty leaves go to waste, so while the leaves were drying we painted the cardboard hoops with acrylic paint.

    Fall Leaf Rubbings

  5. Cut out leaf rubbings

    Once the leaves were dry we began to carefully cut them all out tracing around the outside of each of the leaf prints.

    Cutting out fall leaf rubbings

  6. Glue leaves to wreath

    Just add glue! Have the kids stick the leaves to their painted rings.

    Glueing leaves to wreath

Thank you for joining me, I hope you will go and enjoy some simple leaf art with your children. Let us know where it leads you!

Fall Leaf Rubbings Wreath
Photo by Joanna Walker

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