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How to Make Coffee Art for Kids

by Anna Harpe
May 1, 2024
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Make your very own coffee art with this fun homemade paint! Whip up a batch and paint a picture for your favorite coffee drinker!

With just two simple ingredients, you can make this homemade coffee paint for a totally unique art experience.  Even better? It’s a wonderful way to explore the basic art concept of value!  Simply adjust the coffee to water ratio for darker or lighter shades of paint. 

The beautiful monochrome results might be the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover!

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Photo by Anna Harpe

How to Make Coffee Art



  1. Prepare your coffee paint

    Start by placing different amounts of instant coffee in your containers.  Then slowly add water, mixing to dissolve the coffee.

    Experiment with a variety of water-to-coffee ratios to achieve lighter or darker hues. Less water and more coffee will result in a more intense, darker color. Diluting your mixture with more water will create softer tones.

    coffee in containers

  2. Choose your canvas

    Select a piece of watercolor paper or any thick paper suitable for painting. The absorbent nature of the paper will enhance the effects of the coffee paint! 

    You can also try painting directly onto blank notecards.

  3. Let creativity flow

    Now comes the fun part—painting! Encourage kids to explore different techniques and styles. They can use broad strokes for bold effects, or fine details for intricate designs.

    Experiment with layering and blending to create depth and dimension. 

    You can begin with a plan, painting over a pencil drawing, or dive in straight away freestyle!

    coffee painting

  4. Embrace imperfection

    One of the beautiful aspects of instant coffee painting is its organic, imperfect nature. Embrace smudges, drips, and unexpected textures—they add character to the artwork and make each piece truly unique.

    painting with coffee

  5. Enjoy your art!

    Allow the artwork to dry completely. Depending on the thickness of the paint and the absorbency of the paper, drying times may vary. Once dry, admire your masterpiece!

    painting with coffee

You can use your coffee art to make cards, bookmarks, or other art gifts for someone you love.

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How to Make Coffee Art for Kids How to Make Coffee Art for Kids
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