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Texture Painting With Yarn

by Jean Van't Hul
June 23, 2010

Yarn Painting - lead image

This post contains affiliate links. Maia and I painted with yarn dipped in liquid watercolors yesterday, which was so much fun!

Yarn painting is one of the projects from MaryAnn Kohl’s book, Art with Anything: 52 Weeks of Fun Using Everyday Stuff.

Yarn Paint - Art With Anything Each two-page spread in the book has five different activities using one everyday material such as salt, sand, egg cartons, cotton swaps, plastic wrap, puzzle pieces, rain, newspaper, aluminum foil, or cardboard tubes.

The idea is to do the five projects in order over the course of a week. We’ve been doing the yarn week, albeit out of order, and have tried a couple of other projects from the book as well.

How To Make A Textured Yarn Painting



Step #1) Add Paint.

This yarn painting project called for tempera paint, which would be awesome too, but we decided to try it with liquid watercolors instead. In fact, you can do yarn painting with most paints, so feel free to experiment!

Yarn Painting - beginning

Step #2) Apply Yarn.

We dipped our yarn in the paint, then swirled it around our paper.

Painting with Yarn and Liquid Watercolors

And dribbled with it.

Yarn Painting - using yarn

Then printed with it by pressing the yarn on the paper and moving it around.

Yarn Painting - printing

We really loved this process, so we each made several paintings!

I think the finished product is as beautiful as the yarn painting process was fun.

Yarn Painting - finished

By the way, you can follow MaryAnn on her Facebook page. She has fabulous process art ideas!

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Yarn Painting - Pin

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