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How to Make Halloween Potato Prints for Kids

Halloween potato prints are easy to make and a fun spin on an old favorite. Try potato printing these pumpkins, skulls or bats in a slightly spooky seasonal art activity for kids.

Skull and pumpkin shaped potato prints

Even if Halloween might be a little different this year, we think you’ll love this fun, easy art activity based on an old favorite. These Halloween potato prints for kids are perfect for adding to buntings, signs, or even DIY trick-or-treating bags! And you probably have all the materials you need already. 

We make potato prints all year long, but there is something extra fun about carving a teeny pumpkin or skull into a potato and using it to stamp just about anything. For Halloween, orange, yellow, and white look great on black paper. And don’t forget the glitter!

Some spooky prints you can try are a pumpkin or jack-o’-lantern, a skull, a bat, a ghost, an owl, or even the word BOO!

Skull shaped Halloween potato print with glitter

Halloween Potato Prints for Kids

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  • Sharp knife
  • Potatoes
  • Paint (tempera or water-based printing ink)
  • Plate or small bowl
  • Heavy paper or poster board (or whatever you want to decorate)
  • Glitter (optional)
Skull shaped Halloween potato and three prints


  1. Prepare the potatoes

    Adults can prepare the potato stamps by slicing a potato in half and carving an image into the flat surface with a knife. Alternatively, press metal cookie cutters approximately 1/4″-1/2″ into one side of a potato to create stamp.

  2. Prepare the paint

    Pour a thin layer of paint onto the plate or bowl.

  3. Stamp away!

    Press the potato stamp first in the paint, then firmly onto the paper. Lift the potato stamp to reveal the image. If you have a paint roller, you can roll it in paint and lightly coat the potato stamp.

  4. Add glitter and repeat!

    Sprinkle glitter over the wet paint if desired, and continue to print with different stamps and colors.

Pumpkin shaped Halloween potato prints

We love the way the glitter looks on these pumpkins and skulls! If you have some potatoes in the pantry, give these easy Halloween prints a try, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram #theartfulparent.

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How to Make Halloween Potato Prints for Kids

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