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A Mitten Craft for Preschoolers

by Kristina Buskirk
November 2, 2022
painting mittens featured

This mitten craft, inspired by The Mitten, by Jan Brett, is a fun winter art project for toddlers and preschoolers. Activity and post by Kristina from Toddler Approved.

Updated December 2022

I find as winter begins and we all get a little stir-crazy indoors, I need a gazillion ideas to keep myself (and the kiddos) from getting too bored.

I hope this ends up being a fun one you decide to try. It’s perfect for the youngest artists and is one the entire family can enjoy together.

We love Jan Brett’s book The Mitten, so we decided to create some of our own mittens. We used two different painting techniques: crayon resist painting and baggie painting.

The baggie painting technique is perfect for little toddlers who might not be too trustworthy with paint yet.

Mitten Craft for Preschoolers



  1. Trace mittens

    First, trace your child’s hand on the paper several times to make mittens. We made 8 mitten sets since there are 8 animals in The Mitten.

    tracing child's hand onto paper

    Trace over your mittens with a marker (optional) and then cut them out.

    mittens traced on paper

  2. Try crayon resist painting

    Use the crayon resist technique and color your mittens with crayons.

    coloring mittens in

    Then paint over with watercolors.

    painting mittens

  3. Or mess-free painting

    You can also try this mess-free painting technique perfect for babies and young toddlers. Put paint in a ziploc bag and put some of the paper mittens inside.

    Close the bag and then let your little one move the paint around to cover the mittens.

    smooshing paint in baggie

  4. Let dry completely

    Take the mittens out after a minute of “painting” and let them dry (if you leave them in too long, they get too moist and start ripping).

    blue painted mittens

Once your mittens are completely dry, you can hang them up for decoration. Or you can use them to act out the story of The Mitten! We like hiding them around the house and seeing if we can find them.

Winter Art Activity for Toddlers
Photo by Kristina Buskirk

This activity provided hours of fun for us on a rainy day. I hope it does the same for you!

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A Mitten Craft for Preschoolers

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