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25 Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
January 16, 2022
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Looking for some fun, engaging, and screen-free activities for your kids? Here’s a list of our favorite creative indoor activities for kids that are sure to keep children busy and parents sane.

Updated December 2022

Sometimes the winter months can feel a little long. Depending on where you live, the weather might be too cold, or too rainy to spend lots of time outside.

If your family is suffering from cabin fever, here’s a list of our favorite indoor activities for kids.

Bookmark this page for those days when everyone is bouncing off the walls!

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Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Indoor Activities for Kids

kids mixing up instant snow with water
Photo by Rachel Withers

Wintry Indoor Activities for Kids

1. Colored Ice Sculptures are easy and fun to make. Pop and stack to create colorful ice sculptures.

2. Small World Play with Insta-Snow: Short on snow where you live? Try this Insta-Snow to create an indoor personal winter wonderland!

3. Art and science combine in this Melting Ice Science Experiment with Salt & Liquid Watercolors

4. Paint Snow with This Winter Painting Idea: Sprinkle some salt on a watercolor painting for a snowy look!

5. Make a Beautiful Nature Ice Wreath to hang outside!

For more creative wintry ideas, check out our 13 Winter Crafts for Kids.

children doing scribble art
Photo by Rachel Withers

Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

6. Play one of these 12 Kids Art Games for Fun and Creativity.

7. Or print out one of these 16 Printable Art Activities for Kids.

8. Spread out a big piece of paper and try some collaborative Scribble Art.

9. Try making some DIY Puffy Paint for Kids (that is actually puffy!).

10. Or make a big batch of playdough! Then check out Our Favorite Playdough Play Ideas for kids’ creativity.

DIY play mat and cars
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Indoor Play Activities for Kids

11. We love these Craft Ideas for Kids that are perfect for pretend play. First, children enjoy making the craft, then they can play with it.

12. Sensory play is a great antidote to cabin fever! Try one of these Winter Sensory Bins for Kids.

13. Squirt some shaving cream into a tray or shallow bin and try a Shaving Cream Sensory Play Idea.

14. Remember the fun of setting up a fort as a kid? We love Fort Magic kits, or DIY forts with couch cushions, too!

15. Make a DIY Play Mat and then break out the toy vehicles, animals, or blocks!

cardboard tree
Photo by Danielle Falk

Indoor Building Activities for Kids

16. Make Your Own Magnetic Building Set with Cardboard. Or try one of these 5 Easy DIY Cardboard Toys you can make.

17. Create Colorful Cardboard Tree Sculptures.

18. Try some Toothpick Sculptures!

19. Use foams blocks, pipe cleaners, beads and feathers for these creative 3D sculptures.

20. Try one of these 15 Amazing Clay Projects for Kids!

making gingerbread cookies
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Indoor Cooking and Baking Activities for Kids

21. Make Teddy Bear Bread! This is an easy and FUN bread recipe for kids.

22. Even if the holidays are over, you can still try one of these 5 Christmas Baking Ideas for Kids!

23. Try Jean’s favorite: Cherry Pie (recipe + video!) or try smaller and portable Cherry Hand Pies.

24. Make the Best Blueberry Muffins for breakfast.

25. Check out our Tips and Ideas for Cake Decorating Fun at Different Ages!

Any other ideas? What are your favorite indoor activities for kids?

Winter Arts & Crafts Ideas

Download our FREE printable idea list of 31+ winter activities for kids & families! Or check out the blog post with the links. So many fun ideas for winter!

And if you want even MORE Winter craft ideas, check out our Winter Art Activities Workshop at the Kids Art Spot, our kids’ art club. You’ll get 10 videos of fun Winter art activities PLUS 10 seasonal drawing prompts!

More Winter Art Activities for Kids

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25 Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

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