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89 Indoor Activities for Kids – Creative Fun All Year Long!

by Jean Van't Hul
December 10, 2013

89 Indoor Activities for Kids – Creative Fun All Year Long!

I made this list of indoor activities for kids a couple of days ago.

It was freezing rain outside; mayhem inside.

We planned to make our annual family trek to the Christmas tree farm, but instead, had to stay home because of the weather. We didn’t have a back up plan, were a bit grumpy, and to say the kids were bouncing off the walls would be a major understatement.

I put this list together for those days when the weather isn’t great, because you and I both know we’re going to need it.


89 Indoor Activities for Kids

89 Indoor Activities for Kids – salt & ice experiment

Indoor Activities for Kids – Snow & Ice

1. Colored Ice Sculptures for Kids are easy and fun to make. Freeze water dyed with liquid watercolors in various containers. Pop and stack to create colorful ice sculptures.

2. How to make Insta-Snow :: Short on snow where you live? Try this Insta-Snow to create an indoor personal winter wonderland!

3. Melting Ice Science Experiment with Salt & Liquid Watercolors :: Art & Science combine in this experiment using salt & ice.  Add liquid watercolors with droppers for a stunning result.

4. Snow Painting Technique for Kids :: Sprinkle some salt on a watercolor painting for a snowy look!

Indoor Activities for Kids – CREATE

89 Indoor Activities for Kids - make your own stickers
5-15. Creative Drawing Ideas & Prompts for Kids :: 10 drawing prompts for kids to help them experiment with drawing in a new way.

16. Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers :: Draw your very own stickers using contact paper and permanent marker.

17-55. 39 Ways to Play and Learn with Playdough :: These playdough activities promote learning in art, science and reading. Also included are sensory learning activities for the littlest ones at home.

Indoor Activities for Kids – PLAY

89 Indoor Activities for Kids – water beads
56-61. 6 Kids’ Playhouses, Forts, and Tents for Creative Play Indoors :: Remember the fun of setting up a fort as a kid? Relive the magic with these imaginative play ideas for kids.

62-69. 8 Sensory Activities to Engage Kids During the Witching Hour :: Water scooping, cloud dough, goop and sensory bins are just a few activities to help make transition times engaging for kids.

70-83. 13 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids :: A homemade kaleidoscope, woodblock yarn printing, magic crystal trees and a water balloon fight in the tub. These, and more, will keep kids busy all year long!

Indoor Activities for Kids – BUILD

89 Indoor Activities for Kids - sculptures

84. Kids’ Sculptures with Styrofoam and Bamboo Skewers :: Have some styrofoam packaging laying around the house? Grab some bamboo skewers and create these amazing sculptures!

85. Wire Sculptures for Kids with Buttons, Beads, and Feathers :: Use foams blocks, pipe cleaners, beads and feathers for these creative sculptures.

86. Building and Creating with Curves :: Try this easy sculpture activity using cardboard tubes and glue!

Indoor Activities for Kids – COOK 

89 Indoor Activities for Kids - baking desserts
87. Kids in the Kitchen :: Try this mystery dessert or give your little chef a pad of paper to invent and bake their own! (Little ones will need your help executing it; more experienced young chefs may be able to cook it up themselves.)

88. Stamped Holiday (or Everyday!) Cookies :: Decorate a batch of cookies with stamps from home using food coloring and felt!

89. Make the Best Ever Soft Pretzels :: These homemade pretzels make an amazing snack any time of year!

Any other ideas? What are your favorite indoor activities for kids?

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89 indoor activities - CREATIVE FUN FOR KIDS ALL YEAR LONG

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