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How to Make a Wooly Yarn Wall Hanging for Kids

by Laura + Emily
May 4, 2019

 Create a bright, colorful yarn wall hanging OR a wooly wall monster–your choice with this engaging textile activity! Project & post by Laura & Emily of MAKE Art School

Yarn wall hanging for kids and wooly monster wall hanging

Have you ever noticed how busy hands make for chatty times?

Connectedness comes so much more easily when we have a shared activity to engage in.

This is one of the absolute privileges of teaching art–to be able to offer a welcoming, nurturing space for artists of all ages to connect with each other, express themselves and PLAY creatively without judgement.

Brightly colored yarn wall hanging

Art is cool like that. It has the potential to provide all of these benefits, for whomever you share it with.

It could be mindful making with family, casual crafting with friends, or a creative classroom filled with students.

Or often in our case, all of the above!

The following colorful project is a fun little number that accommodates all ages and abilities. It works well as a collaborative project and most importantly, keeps hands busy for those chatty times!

And the end result looks AMAZING!

We call it the…

Wooly Monster Yarn Wall Hanging

Wooly Yarn Wall Hanging

(and if you add some googly eyes it becomes a Woolly Wall MONSTER!)

Materials for creating wooly monster yarn wall hanging


  • An arch shaped piece of cardboard (any size works, but keep in mind the bigger it is, the longer it will take to complete)
  • Double sided tape
  • Yarn in a range of colors
  • Tinsel for textural variety and SPARKLE!
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes for Woolly Wall Monster variation (optional)


  1. Cut yarn

    Begin by cutting yarn into even lengths. Anywhere between 10cm and 20cm works well, but feel free to get experimental!

    Cut pieces of brighly colored yarn

    The quickest way is to wrap it around a scrap piece of cardboard several times and cut along the edges.

    How to cut yarn wrapped around cardboard

  2. Begin attaching yarn to cardboard

    Start attaching your first row of yarn by running a strip of tape across the bottom of your cardboard and attaching pieces of yarn.

    This is an opportunity to talk about color choices. Which colors look good alongside each other? What is everyone’s favorite color?

  3. Continue adding rows of yarn

    Run a second row of tape above the previous one and continue as before, alternating colors, perhaps adding tinsel for texture here and there.

  4. Keep going…

    Continue row by row like this until you reach the top and have created a fluffy and fantastically MAGICAL work of ART!

  5. Add googly eyes

    At this point you can add googly eyes for a Monster, or not for a more serious piece of contemporary textile wall art!

    Wooly Monster Yarn Wall Hanging for Kids_Instagram

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Create a bright, colorful wall hanging OR a wooly wall monster? Your choice to make with this amazing textile activity! Project & post by Laura & Emily of MAKE Art School. #sensory #kidscrafts #artsandcrafts #craftsforkids #handmadegifts #creativehome #yarnwallhanging

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