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A Tape and Sticker Resist Art Project for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
November 1, 2022
tape and sticker resist

This sticker resist art project for kids is a fun way to combine collage with painting to create nighttime scenes.

Updated December 2022

We love a watercolor resist project. And so many lend themselves to wintertime. You can make glue resist snowmen, sticker resist starry night skies, or try these tape and sticker resist skies.

With this one, we used washi tape and star stickers to create some wintry night skies, as well as snowflakes, and even our initials!

tape resist art pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

A Tape and Sticker Resist Art Project for Kids

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  1. Create your scene

    Use the washi tape to create a house (or snowflake, skyscraper, cityscape, car, robot, trees, boat, initials, etc.). You can assemble a variety of pieces and other stickers as desired and even cut some of them into the shape you would like.

    washi tape house

    Add star stickers for a night sky effect.

    washi tape initials

  2. Add paint

    Paint over and around your tape and sticker scene with watercolor paint for the night sky.

    painting over tape

    Sprinkle salt on the wet watercolors if desired for a starry look.

    sprinkling salt on wet paint

  3. Let dry

    Once dry, brush off the excess salt then lift off the stickers and washi tape, revealing the scene.

    peeling tape off

    If desired, you can trace the buildings and add detail at this point with a pen or pencil.

tape resist art
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Do you have some tape and stickers you could use for a sticker resist art project for kids?

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A Tape and Sticker Resist Art Project for Kids

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