Praise for Playsilks and Cardboard Boxes

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Playing with Playsilks 1

Playsilks have to be about the best things ever. Maia played with hers all day long! Or, I should say, she played with her playsilks, clothespins, food clips, and cardboard boxes. She wore the playsilks, wrapped Baby in them, danced with them, played hide-and-seek with them, and, with my help, made ever-changing forts with them. Mosaic Playsilks

Add a couple of cardboard boxes to the mix, including a huge one that recently housed a lawn mower, and you have toddler nirvana.

Playing with Playsilks 10

Maia and Baby even had their snack inside her box-and-playsilk fort.

Playing with Playsilks 11

And here you can see the fort in the background and playsilks hanging in the windows. Maia is sitting on the table telling me an elaborate story about how she’s going to give Baby any treat she wants and that when she (Maia) “grows up [to be] a baby” she will be able to eat any treat she wants, too.

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  1. says

    I’m just wondering if Maia is still playing with these as often as the beginning days. I’m very close to ordering a set and trying this at home; my girls really love the silks that are brought out for their music class. I don’t have the glass bowls, though, so does that mean I need to go out and buy a few? I’m going to do 6 also (will that be enough for two little girls to play with?) Sorry for all the questions. I’m just so excited; am going to get out the clothespins and drying rack for them to use today …

  2. says

    She’s not playing with them as much as at first, but still does get them out regularly. She almost always gets them out when we are playing music (music class influence), and whenever she wants to make a fort. I’d say they are well worth making and that 6 is probably enough for two girls. I don’t know the answer to the glass bowls question. I think plastic would probably get stained and that you can’t put metal in the microwave, so glass is probably your best bet. You don’t need six glass bowls though. My friend had a crazy amount of glass bowls so we set them all up at once, but you could do one or two at a time, then rinse out the bowls and reuse. Hope this helps! -Jean