Liquid Watercolors :: One of our Favorite Art Materials

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We love liquid watercolors in this house. They're vibrant, versatile, and fun to use. We've used them for so many different kinds of projects ranging from coffee filter art (and coffee filter butterflies), shaving cream painting, regular watercolor painting, marbling with oil, shaving cream marbling, and probably some others I don't remember at the moment.


Maia asked to use the liquid watercolors again recently and I decided to try them undiluted for once. Usually I dilute them about half and half with water, which works well and makes the watercolor bottle last a looong time. However, I wanted to see what they were like full strength this time so just gave them to her as is.

In the photo above, she has squirted the watercolors on cardstock then dragged a comb through the paint.


The undiluted watercolors are so bright and vibrant and wonderful!


I'll still use the liquid watercolors diluted sometimes, but now that I know how wonderful they are undiluted I'll remember to use them this way more often.


Although they do tone down a bit when dry…

Liquid watercolors are definitely a staple in our house!

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  1. Joanne says

    Your website and frequent Art Inspired emails inspire me. They remind me to play. They introduce me to new products. They give me fresh ideas for ways to create and connect with my kids. And, they are – on days like today – a voice that says, “Yes. Love your kids. Love yourself. Have fun together. And know that you are not alone.” Thank you.

  2. says

    Thank you for this! We paint a LOT in this house, but this is one type of paint that we have not tried. Thanks for the link to Discount School Supply, too. We live in a tiny town where there are no arts/craft/hobby supplies in store, so most of my supply shopping is online.
    Gorgeous art. Thank you for sharing!

  3. says

    Another project you could try with liquid watercolors is to gather up a lot of objects with interesting shapes (leaves, things with holes like lace and doilies, etc – nothing you mind getting ruined). Tape down some watercolor paper. Lay the objects all over it. Put a few different colors of liquid water colors in some squirt bottles, then squirt them on the paper. Let it dry before removing the objects and untaping. This was the first project we did in the watercolor class I took last year, and I am sure it would be just as easy and fun for small children as adults.

  4. says

    Oh you’ve reminded me of how much I loved liquid water colours when I was teaching preschool… I think I need to get some for me to play with at home… I might let my kids join in too… maybe!

  5. katherinemariephotography says

    thank you for this tip!!! I can’t wait to try these this summer!

  6. says

    Actually, it’s not like a print. It’s more similar to the resists you did with the contact paper. You put the objects on the paper before applying the paint. Then you use spray bottle to apply the paint instead of brushes.