Shaving Cream Art :: Drawing and Painting on the Mirror

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Shaving Cream Art for Kids - Drawing and Painting on the MirrorWe’ve been getting one of our mirrors down lately and propping it up on Maia’s easel for drawing and other art making.

She’s drawn on it with washable markers, window crayons, and regular crayons. They all wash off pretty easily which makes the mirror a great reusable canvas. And the mirror becomes such an interesting part of the artwork since it reflects back light as well as the viewer and the images in the room.

This time we decided to try shaving cream on the mirror—so fun!

Shaving Cream Art on the Mirror


  • Shaving cream
  • Large mirror
  • Fingers, hands
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Tempera paint (optional)

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror

We also tried shaving cream drawing on the mirror the other day. Maia rubbed an even layer all over the mirror, then used her fingertips to draw in the shaving cream.

What an interesting visual and tactile experience!

When she was finished with a drawing, she would rub the shaving cream all over the mirror again to create an even layer, then start another drawing. She also tried drawing with a chopstick and a fork, but much preferred her own fingers.

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror 2

I like taking pictures of ephemeral art like this, not only because I have a blog and want to share with you all, but also as a record of the art making when there isn’t a finished drawing that we can save.

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror 3

Maia painted over the shaving cream as well and made a couple monoprints, but the highlight for her was just drawing in the shaving cream.

Draw with Shaving Cream on the Mirror

I’d like to try shaving cream drawing on the window as well, to see the light shining through the lines. And also paint directly on the mirror without the shaving cream.

So many possibilities!

Update: We’ve tried shaving cream drawing on the window, too!

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  1. says

    That is so ace. Makes me realise how rubbish it is to have carpet in your house. We used to live in a carpet free house and now have a few huge rooms of carpet and apart from the kitchen it is not very friendly for such things. I miss the lovely slate and wooden floor boards. Mind you, winter always makes me more aware of these things. Another inspire – thanks!

  2. Barbara Zaborowski says

    While you have the mirror available, it is also interesting to lay it flat on a low table or the floor and build with blocks on it. As you build a tower up, it is also building down. Now is a good time to try it, before Daphne is walking and getting into Maia’s block constructions.

  3. says

    What fun! My Charlotte did this a while back on a baking tray and I was shocked by how beautiful the colors mized together like marble. The prints make magnificent cards, right?

  4. says

    This is so much fun for the lil ones! Pari and I once made icing using shaving cream – on a cardboard and tissue cake. She loved how it created swirls on the cake and looked so realistic…! We have got to try with it on a mirror…!

  5. Karen Gott says

    In my class we use the shaving cream on a glass or tray & add 2 or 3 droplets of colored inks. The children take a spoon or stir stick and swirl the colors through the shave cream to create neat patterns. Then, we take a piece of white cardstock & place it on top of the shave cream art, to transfer the color patterns to the paper. Wipe off the shave cream & allow to dry. (Sometimes we’ll write the child’s name in white crayon, which will resist absorbing ink, thus revealing their name.) They think this is SO cool!

  6. lori says

    in my preschool classroom, we play with “snow in a can” {shaving cream, i use one for sensitive skin} during our winter months. it’s an easy, no thought sensory project that entertains the children until the “snow melts” {cream disappears}. it washes off easily and cleans the tables at the same time; the room smells marvelously clean and fresh. a great treat for days too cold to go outside. once they are exposed to it, the children ask for “snow in a can” several times a month. so we even get to play with “snow” in june.

  7. raizel says

    thats clever. but I see part of the joy in this and creativity as taking the shaving creme out of its usual place ect..

  8. says

    I love this. We have been doing dry erase markers on a picture frame covering fabric — saw it on a blog somewhere, wish I could remember where now! Also the idea of documenting reminds me of an amazing sculptural installation at the National Museum of the American Indian by Nora Naranjo-Morse called “Always Becoming” — made with natural materials outside so it is constantly changing over time. (I hope I am not butchering her ideas about the work too badly in this short space.)

  9. says

    I love that idea! Thanks, Barbara! Right now Maia is actually building towers FOR Daphne to knock down. She’ll ask me to bring Daphne over to the tower if she’s not already right there. But I’m sure she’ll want to make some that don’t get knocked down, too.

  10. says

    I hadn’t thought of doing a crayon resist with the child’s name under the shaving cream marbling. That sounds like something we’ll have to try!